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Sorry, I didn't have any before pics taken. I paid £400 per treatment, for 1 vial of sculptra. The interval was 6 weeks, but as I had very good results, we decided to leave it for 5 months before trying a third. That will be in June.... READ COMMENT

I had my second sculptra injections end of jan. The results from my first injections were very good. My cheeks filled out. The appearance is softer than radiesse. I massaged 5 - 10 times a day, as this prevents the clumping. The second... READ COMMENT

I meant sculptra this time, rather than radiesse! READ COMMENT

I had my first sculptra fill yesterday. My cheeks are a little sore when I massage. But have been told to massage hard for 5mins 5times a day, for at least 5 days. The more the better as it helps stimulate the skin also. I used to use... READ COMMENT

It depends on age/sex and skin. Young men need less my doctor told me. He suggested 1 session might be enough based on his experience. But I have booked in again in 6 weeks for a top-up just incase I need a boost. I had been using... READ COMMENT