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I Could Be Happier

I wanted to raise my nasal bridge and refine a bulbous tip. Out of all the options, it was worth it because I know what to look for in a good surgeon and know what reveals is a bad surgeon. It was worth it because I won't make the same mistake twice. I really do not remember the cost so I am sorry I can't help with that. The figure I posted is a random number. My surgeon did... READ MORE

Custom Goretex Implants - Carmel, IN

I asked for really big and still don't feel like they're big enough. Recovery was uncomfortable but by day ten, I felt back to my normal self. Swelling subsided relatively quickly. Second week made the biggest difference. Still wish my implants were bigger. A year post op and the swelling is completely gone leaving me with a really disappointing final result. I don't know which... READ MORE

Great But Doesn't Seem To Last - Carmel, IN

Really good results with Juvederm XC. Metabolizes slowly but doesn't last as long as I would like (a few months). Tell tale signs of injection (the two bumps at the top of the upper lip. I use an entire syringe in my upper lip, but have had good results using one third of a syringe in just the middle underneath the philtrum. My lips are naturally full so this just makes them look... READ MORE

Triste Does Good Work - Carmel, IN

First time injection is painful but injector mixes it with lidocaine and that helps a lot. Injected on top of my cheekbones. Gorgeous results. Cons: I'm paranoid about touching my face or sleeping on my side, not even sure if that makes a difference! READ MORE

Prefer Botox- Columbus, OH

Dysport kicked in almost immediately, though Botox typically pops up in two to three days for me. Same level of pain. Less tightness than Botox but seemed to stretch/last a bit longer. So I never felt that cement forehead feeling (which frankly, I love) but it seems to be metabolizing out MUCH more slowly than Botox. Did it because I was due for Botox and Dysport was offering some... READ MORE

Questions from Brooklyn2521

Botox for the Jaw Plus Jaw Angle Implants? A Waste?

I am interested in a jaw angle implant (or filler that will do the job [if one exists!]), but I also have a bulging masseter muscle that I've started treating with botox... READ MORE

3.5 Months Post-op - Too Early for a Steroid Injection into Nasal Tip?

I am 3.5 months post-op and being as patient as possible. My surgeon has admitted the difference between the projected outcome and how the surgery actually turned out (by a... READ MORE

Malar Augmentation After Radiesse Injections

I would like malar augmentations instead of getting repeat Radiesse injections. I want high dramatic results a la Megan Fox but am unsure of whether the history of Radiesse... READ MORE

Is Tape Cast Necessary After Juvederm Injected into the Nose?

The surgeon I am going to to get Juvederm injected to raise the nasal bridge tells me that it will need to be taped in place for a week so that it doesn't move or change... READ MORE

How Do You Describe Your Desired Lip Augmentation Shape?

I've always gone to a female injector for my lip injection. I get one syringe of Juvederm in my top lip, and don't have to say anything but "porn star-ish"... READ MORE

Recent comments from Brooklyn2521

Being unwilling to answer questions and making a potential patient feel unwelcome is not a good reason to stay away? What about the doctor disregarding professionalism and publicly posting details of a medical consultation on the internet? READ COMMENT

Yep, and when i mentioned that the receptionist was being unreasonably difficult, i got a letter saying i was no longer a patient. READ COMMENT

Threat of legal action from Catherine Winslow. READ COMMENT

I mean, they were the largest implants possible. I can see a difference but inch of width on each side of the face. That's pretty dramatic swelling/deswelling. Like, I look like a different person than I did six months ago... READ COMMENT

I don't think I would go to Dr Winslow for future surgeries but she is a very skilled surgeon and has a nice staff. I just don't see the point in being let down by the same person twice. READ COMMENT