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Atrophy a Possibility After Aggressive Rhinoplasty? - Boise, ID

Had a rhinoplasty where my deviated septum was cut to remove a bend, and the cartilege was then use to soften a bump on top of nose. The hole never closed, so I have a huge hole in my septum. My face seems thinner, and circles under eyes have increased significantly. I have read on here that... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Gone Bad - Boise, ID

Very kind, but we did not discuss procedure enough. When finished, I had a huge hole in my septum and am left with a crease in my lip and changes in facial animation. My septi muscle was cut and I believe my levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle as also cut in addition, my nasal spine was... READ MORE

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Horizontal Line Above Lip and Lower Columella Feels Fleshier, Yet Flabbier? (photo)

I had the following procedures 3 years ago acc to post op report. open rhino, submucous resection, spreader grafts o dorsum bilateral, rasp the dorsum, mild tip reduction. My... READ MORE

Is there some way to reattach the cut septi muscle? I have researched and every person says this isn't possible.

I am 4 years post op. This has created a horizontal line under my nose, and also, because I no longer have the same muscle strength in my nose, it has decreased the fat in my... READ MORE

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Yes, facial and cheek exercise!! You will notice a huge improvement, almost back to normal!! READ COMMENT

Did you have yours here in Boise? READ COMMENT

Well I tell you, after about 7 years, I am finally getting the fullness back. I have to do facial exercised but the good news is it does get better! I think he cut my septi muscle which links the smile nostrils and under eye muscles... READ COMMENT

I swear face exercises help due to blood flow. Finally after many years my face is looking better READ COMMENT

Switch an air bubble back and forth from cheek to cheek as long as you can stand the burn, this is a great one. Also scrunching up your nose like a bunny is good for the area under the eyes as well as passing that scrunch back and forth... READ COMMENT