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Does High-dose Accutane Really Potentially Cause Rosacea?

I know that low-dose isotretinoin (accutane) 5mg-20mg daily helps treat rosacea. But, I've also heard but never saw any study that high-dose accutane can actually cause... READ MORE

Edema Still in Nose Tip 5 Years After "Open Revision" Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty

In '03, I had a closed rhinoplasty/septoplasty. In May '05, I had a open revision rhinoplasty & septoplasty. Heard open & revision puts me at highest risk for... READ MORE

Seborrhoeic Dermatitis or Eczema on Cheek While on Course of Accutane (2mg/kg)?

Been on Accutane for 4 months for cystic acne now. I'm 34 but suddenly I started getting a red rash on my forehead & left cheek only. After reading online, I'm... READ MORE

Best Moisturizer for an Acne-Prone Face While on Accutane?

I used the older formula Curel fragrance-free lotion on my face while on Accutane before without problem. The new Curel fragrance-free lotion still says won't clog pores... READ MORE

Currently, on 4th Month of 2mg/kg Isotretinoin. Can Lowering Dose Cause Flare?

My doctor is saying that I should lower my dose due to some red rashes of my cheeks. I know from my course that each time I raise the dose there's a flare and takes about 4... READ MORE

Doctor Putting Me on 120mg Once a Week Instead of 20mg Daily Isotretinoin (Accutane)

History is I've been on three full (60-120mg daily) courses of Accutane. Dr's taking me from the 20mg daily of Accutane for the past 2 months. My last day at 20mg daily... READ MORE

Can I take isotretinoin by alternating 40mg one day then the following day 20mg = 30mg daily?

I was just curious since I was reading the wikipedia page on isotretinoin. It's says quote: "If 20 mg capsules are supplied, patients may take (for example) 20 mg one day, then... READ MORE

My rash only used to be on the back of my hands, which Aveeno Oatmeal lotion fixed, but it gives pimples on my face. (Photo)

What is a good lotion for rashes on the face from oral isotretinoin? Aveeno Oatmeal and Curel fragrance free both say won't clog pores but have isopropyl palmitate that can... READ MORE

How long must I wait after deep co2 laser on face to do an FUE beard transplant? (photo)

I know after 2 weeks my face should look normal again after deep fx co2 laser. Just not sure the FUE beard transplant should only be done after 2 weeks or 6 mo.? I know that's... READ MORE

I'm a healthy weight man and had a lipo done on my sides. What complication this? (photo)

I have a semi-clear (in between opaque & clear) skin blister on lower abdominal. Had lipo on 7/15/16. It's the same spot and where an incision or lipo puncture was done.... READ MORE