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I have been using it for years. After about 4 months I put it on every other day and it worked great. Are you buying the Latisse or the generic brand. If you go to Tara skin there is the generic called Care prostate or Bioprost... READ COMMENT

I wish there was an option here to take a picture of the products I used READ COMMENT

This is the first day I've actually felt amazing I don't itch the camper unique is medicated and also anti itch its just been a wonderful thing READ COMMENT

I gently patted my arm and cleanse it well with regular isopropyl alcohol with a cotton ball it burned a little but actually felt good when that was dry I put on a thin layer of the campo-phenique gel and then I put on the large gauze... READ COMMENT

I have eight sessions total and I am on number two it is on the inner part of my right arm which is very very sensitive. I have suffered severe itching to the point I was going crazy! I was originally using neosporin covered in saran... READ COMMENT