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Which injectable facial fillers would be best?

What would be better facial injections?cross linked Sodium hyaluronate gel or just HA gel filler?, READ MORE

Juvederm Voluma XC - Is there any health reasons or medication that would not make me a successful candidate?

Is there any health reasons or medication that would not make me a successful candidate? READ MORE

What is the average costs of Volumes XC in New Jersey?

I wanted to no the average cost per facial injection in my area.? Middlesex county N.J.. READ MORE

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I was wondering if anyone has tried the new Juvederm Voluma XC?

Looks like alot of us got wiped out on here.   Before I looked into everything I Google this new Juvederm XC n found 3 drs in my area n got all three to tell me price n it... READ MORE

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Let us know pls how u look n if u see a difference? Most post say they see some to big difference after swelling gone. READ COMMENT

Wow that's a lot of info n unbelievable but does totally make sense. I have autoimmune disease +,+,+ but never had collagen injections n never will but I have had injections for about 9 years now. Unfortunately I can't afford them very... READ COMMENT

I know exactly what u mean, after my slight swelling went down I wasn't as happy as before so I went back again for the 2 week follow up n got another 1 or 2 voluma XC, I think, n it was good but it doesn't seem to hold up for me... READ COMMENT

You're better now right? I remember seeing your original post. READ COMMENT

I wasn't one who was questioning you but everything u say is totally right n very smart! I've been thru the mill with filler injections n have traveled most of my state. the worst was (juveni) that I did myself. But Thank goodness... READ COMMENT