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Oh My God Sick After Botox Injections - The Woodlands, TX

I had botox injections a few weeks ago to eliminate line between brows, on forehead and around eyes. I had botox injections before and they seemed to do the trick however I would sometimes feel sick for about a week after the injections. Because of this I chose to have the injections done over several weeks time and would start with one area and then a week later address another and so on.... READ MORE

Questions from Sdp

Do RealSelf Doctors Read the Botox Cosmetic Patient Medication Guide?

After reading doctors answers to patients who are clearly suffering from Botulism I am left wondering why their symptoms are not acknowledged as they are clearly spelled out in... READ MORE

If One Unit of Botox is Derived from a Lethal Mouse Dose How Many Units Would Kill a Human?

I am thinking of gettting Botox for the first time and have been doing some research on the potential side effects. I have not been able to find clarification on this topic and... READ MORE

What is the Frequency of People Getting Botulism After a Botox Injection? How Often Has It Happened?

I've read about people on the Internet who suffer all the symptoms of botulism after receiving a small dose of Botox for cosmetic reasons. I'm scared - are these stories true? READ MORE

Can Any of the Botox Get into my Bloodstream and Cause Harm to my Nerves That I May Not Know About?

More and more articles appear that have been written by scientists and medical doctors which claim the toxin spreads throughout the body causing nerve damage. I've also read a... READ MORE

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Thanks Jill - I understand that the Dr's who answer questions on Real Self don't read our posts. I think this is unfair and a gross oversite as far as Real Self is concerned. I have not been back to this site in years because it... READ COMMENT

Hi Lisa - Where are you in this journey and how are you? READ COMMENT

Hi Lisa, It was three years for me last month and I have done so much in the last eight months ( which would mean just a little over two years) that I am living a better life now than I ever did before botox. To give you a run down - I... READ COMMENT

I've used fillers before and it's totally unrealistic to think that your skin won't bruise - think about the fact that needles are being used and the process - although not overly painful - creates swelling and bruising because you've... READ COMMENT

I have had blurred vision for fourteen months now - since Botox injections in forehead. The blurry vision seemed tolerable at first and then I had a sudden episode while driving where I could not read the speed limit signs on the side... READ COMMENT