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Tummy Tuck at Teaching Hospital -boston

I'm 31 years old I've already had liposuction because I thought I was down to having children that my husband and I decided to have another I really wish they waitedI just had my 3rd child and had my tubes tied so I'm definitely done I want to start planning a tummy tuck. they say you shouldn't try to save money when getting plastic surgery done but I feel like I wasted so much money on... READ MORE

Breast Lift, Implants and I have pectus excavatum - Nashua, NH

I am 29 years old, by the time i have this done i will be 30. i have couple kids, one that i breast feed for ten months. They are saggy empty bags. When i wear a bathing suit one nipple pops out cause one breast is bigger then the other. I want to feel sexy with even boobs. I am 34/b looking to go to a D :) I will be setting up my appointment in January since ill be paying most of this... READ MORE

My Smart Lipo Experience - Nashua, NH

I'm calling my doctor today and scheduling my appointment for Smart lipo on my abs and franks. I'm pretty nervous but its not of the pain or anything, its the outcome, if ill see any improvement. There is so many bad stories of it online that i almost want the old fashion lipo but pretty much no one seems to do it anymore . I am happy that my doctor will be using general anesthesia and... READ MORE

Questions from spoiled girl

How Long is the Procedure on Abs and Flanks for Smart Lipo?

My doctor is putting me under general anesthesia and the girl at the front desk said it will take 2 hours and 30 mins. i forgot to ask my doctor but ill ask him during my check... READ MORE

Need Tummy Tuck but Getting Smartlipo. How Much Loose Skin Will I Have After?

After having two kids i know the best results would be with a tummy tuck but there is no way i can get the time off work and its way more then i want to spend. the doctor did... READ MORE

How to Massage Your Tummy After Smart Lipo?

I wanna massage my own or have my boyfriend do it for me after i get the lipo but how do you do it and whats good to buy for it? thanks! READ MORE

I Have a Cold - Scheduled for Smart Lipo in 10 Days

I am getting smart lipo feb 25 and since tuesday i been pretty sick, at night i been getting 100 temps. all day i been very weak, head wicked stuffy, couching so much my chest... READ MORE

How to Remove Pen Marks After Smart Lipo?

Whats the Best Way to Get the Marker off my Back and Tummy from Surgery? it will be a week tomorrow 3/4/11 i had smart lipo done READ MORE

After Smart Lipo - Do I Workout with Garment on or Off?

Its been 5 weeks since lipo and im gonna start working out ans tanning, should i keep the garment on while i work out or no? or does it matter? READ MORE

Pectus Excavatum with Implants, Will It Make It Less Noticeable? (photo)

Will implants make it less noticeable? and what kind of implants and size would be good, plus under or over muscle? and will they look normal not go cross eye that says. i want... READ MORE

What Size Implants Do I Need to Go From an A/B to a D Cup? (photo)

I am 34b some bras that are an A fit. i am 122 pounds 5'8'' i am getting a lift too. the doc thinks i should not go higher then 325 ccs and says ill be a C but i... READ MORE

Scared of Getting "Uniboob." Is This Possible? (photo)

I think its called my boobs are very close to each other and i LOVe the cleavage i am getting but i feel a little tightness coming from the middle of my chest so i am getting... READ MORE

I Had Breast Aug, Will my Breast Become the Same Size? (photo)

Before my B.A. my breast were a inch and half difference in size so my PS but 375cc in one and 425cc in the other. i love how they look but there is still about a inch n half... READ MORE

Can you get a tummy tuck when your breastfeeding? (photo)

I had a baby a month ago and I was thinking of getting a tummy tuck but not sure if I can while I'm breastfeeding my baby I plan to breast feed for around 6 months to a year . READ MORE

Should I get another lift and should my nipples look like this? (Photo)

I got implants with a lift, about 2 years ago I feel like they're not lifted enough and I don't like how you can see where they got lifted on the nipples is it supposed to... READ MORE

Can teaching hospital do multiple procedures at the same time? (Photo)

I have a consultation coming up for a tummy tuck,I also would like my breast fixed I had a dounut lift two years ago with implants. you can see a indent in my areolae, and they... READ MORE

I would like a second opinion on getting an Areola Reduction (photos)

A doctor just told me I can't get them smaller without putting new smaller implants in. Breast feeding made them bigger and I'm weaning my baby off and once they dry out I... READ MORE

How long will my belly button be crusty? (photos)

I had a tummy tuck two weeks ago. How long will my belly button be gross and crusty? READ MORE

Is my incision ok? Looks like blood on the tape. Is it a bad sign? (Photo)

I'm three weeks po and I notice under my tape was blood or something so I took the tape off in that spot and covered it with gauze to if it happens again and this morning there... READ MORE

Will my tummy get smaller? Will it look like it did right after surgery? (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck, lipo of the sides and upper tummy and a mr 6/16/2014 at mass general hospital thru their teaching program. I love how I look when I woke up after the... READ MORE

Should I get my areolas reduce? (photos)

When I got my breasts implants my lift through my areolas which reduce the size of them. I was extremely happy.I ended up having a baby after,I breast feed too. My boobs ended... READ MORE

Recent comments from spoiled girl

It was supposed to say should I just live with my areolas how they are now or get them fixed for an extra 1600 dollars on top of what I'm paying for on my lipo suction surgery in June? READ COMMENT

Why didnt you go under? READ COMMENT

I have had traditional and smart. .smart hands down better READ COMMENT

U went to mass general? I did. They included the lipo on the butt with that price? I got my sides done with the tuck but anymore they were gonna charge. READ COMMENT