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Well im having fat autographing in january to pad out the area around the lump, it wont get rid of the lump, only disguise it. hes charging me 1000 euros but itll last 15 to 20 years. READ COMMENT

Ive asked about having it removed, it involved cutting it out and waiting a month for it to be refilled with godness knows what, and being left with a crevice for 4 weeks!!! noooooooooooo thank you very much!! READ COMMENT

Hiya its been a few months now since i last wrote, anyway, i had cortisone injections to see if it would disperse the lump under my eye, its been 6 weeks and it hasnt really worked, maybe a tiny bit but its still really noticable under... READ COMMENT

They appeared in may this year, its now sep and it doesnt show any signs of softening or anything. I had it done last year to fill out a tired looking line from the eye to the cheek, they filled it with nu fill and then this year put a... READ COMMENT

Help!!! i had it done 2 years ago, it was ok and i looked really young and full faced on my wedding day, however the lumps appeared under my eye above my cheek, i had it done by a really good doctor who does my botox, lips the lot with... READ COMMENT