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Switch from Saline to Silicone After 10 Years, Not Happy with Results So Far - Colorado

I got saline implants 10 yrs ago. After nursing three children, gravity, age, and my tissues were thin. I recently switched to silicone and strattice was used since my implants had slidden off my chest and more into my armpits. I downsized from over 400ccs saline to 375 silicone mentor mod plus. So far, I'm concerned with my results. Has anyone had theirs look similar and they turned out... READ MORE

Questions from runnermomof3

One Brow Higher Than the Other After Botox

I had 40 units of botox injected into my forehead and crows feet (and I think she said she was raising brows too). I am 9 days out and one brow is noticeably higher than the... READ MORE

Major Increase in Nasolabial Folds After Botox for Crow's Feet

I had botox to crow's feet and I look AWFUL. I'm so upset. I have several Christmas parties to attend and I feel so self concious. I was hesitant to have botox to... READ MORE

2 Weeks After Botox, Now Entire Eye and Face is Droopy

I am 2 weeks out from botox and now one side of my face is lower than the other. The smile lines created by my botox induced dropped face are now evident even when I'm not... READ MORE

10 Year Old Implants: Too Far Apart and Rippling - Can They be Fixed?

I have 10 yr old saline, under muscle implants. I've nursed three children. If I get them redone, can they make them closer together? They are so spread apart they are... READ MORE

Strattice for Breast Augmentation Revision to Prevent Movement into Armpits

I have 10yr saline, under muscle(325ccs)implants. 5'1, 99lbs, AA before surgery. Shortly after surgery they began to move into my armpits and its gotten worse over the yrs. New... READ MORE

Strattice Breast Augmentation Revision: Uneven and Bumpy

I am two days post of from a breast augmentation revision. I went from approx 400cc saline under muscle to 375 silicone moderate profile plus under muscle. Strattice was used... READ MORE

Post Breast Implant Revision: Breasts Now Look Uneven

At what point/time frame do I become concerned about the appearance of my breasts? I had a major revision with strattice for implants that had fallen into armpit. My boobs are... READ MORE

Is Melanoma Hormonally Driven?

I developed melanoma during a pregnancy. I was 34 at the time. I have had a few friends develop it during pregnancies as well. I've read that studies say it is NOT a... READ MORE

Almost 2 Wks Post Op, Very High and Uneven, Strattice Used (Included Pics of Before/after)

I was told to include before and after pics, so I'm reposting my question. I had a revision of implants which had fallen into my armpits over 10 yr period, it required... READ MORE

Will my Breast Implants Settle and Become More Even?

1 month post op from revision to fix bottoming out. Surgery was done by a very experienced surgeon. Strattice was placed below and on sides to support implants. They are so... READ MORE

3 Month Post Op Breast Aug Revision with Strattice - Acceptable Result?

I had a revision of 10 yr saline implants that had shifted laterally and bottomed out due to 3 pregnancies and nursing. Revision required strattice placed under and on sides of... READ MORE

Juvederm for Cheeks?

Is there anything I can do to decrease the amount of lines that form when I smile? Would filling out my cheeks with Juvederm help? My face has lost volume in the past couple of... READ MORE

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They look perfect! I wish mine looked that good. READ COMMENT

I would not have another surgery. In my opinion, they look great! There is no PERFECT set of boobs. I thought all implants looked weird when you flexed if under muscle? At least that's been my experience. READ COMMENT

I've also had 3 c-sections and BA is MUCH more difficult. AT least for me, but i was very thin with tight muscles and NO breasts before implants. READ COMMENT

Sorry for double post and meant to say $16,000 rather than $10,000. Oops! READ COMMENT

I am most likely going to need stratice to revise my breast implants too (old implants are practically in armpits!). Is the stratice why they were so expensive / was the $10,000 for one surgery? Also, does it bother you that your... READ COMMENT