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Pretty Easy but Diligence is Key

I started using Invisalign in 2005. Teeth weren't terrible, but the gap between my top two had always bothered me. I had to wear the top retainer for 5 months and the bottom for 9 months. Other than the hassle of having to remove them to eat and having my speech affected slightly, it was definitely something I would do over again. I wore the retainers every night for 1 year after I completed... READ MORE

Fraxel Created Problems Where There Weren't Any

Some pros - smaller pores, rolling scars appear less deep (but in no means are gone). Please do not believe that this laser is risk free! I had my last one (out of 5) done over six months ago still desperately trying to help cystic acne scars on chin. Dr used a deep setting for those and a lesser setting for the rest of my face to eliminate some traces of hyperpigmentation (melasma). Now, I... READ MORE

Elevess Allergic Reaction

I recently received Elevess injections for some depressions on my chin due to acne. All was fine for three weeks and then all my injections sites started to swell. It seems I am also allergic to sulfites (nose turns red when I drink red wine). Apparently, the reaction was caused by this allergy I didn't even know I had. I'm now on steroids to reduce the swelling and look way worse than... READ MORE

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Nlynne, Sorry to hear your injections have gotten lumpy as well. My surgeon warned me against massaging, so it's interesting yours told you to do just that. The good news is that they will go back down to normal in 2-3 weeks. I know... READ COMMENT

I had minimal swelling, usually just a little the first biggest concern has been the redness (which for the last treatment, never went away). Doctor did advise me to sleep sitting up, though, and I applied ice packs... READ COMMENT

Here's an update (9/19/08) The steroids and the topical antibiotic my PS prescribed seem to be doing the trick. The swollen areas are coming down and the Elevess remains in the right spots, thankfully. If this happens to you, get a... READ COMMENT

Wow, doing your eyelids sounds painful is the first thing that came to mind. I assume your hope is to eliminate fine lines? If so, it is said to help plump up the cells and help minimize them. It's just funny what... READ COMMENT