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Loved It! Want More - Toronto, Canada

My first photofacial was offered to me for free after having a surgical procedure done by Dr. B in Toronto. Immediately after, I noticed my pore were really small and clean. Fine lines were less noticeable. I looked more awake. The results lasted 4 months so far in terms of fine lines. My pores are getting a little congested again. I think that I need to find a regular treatment to do in... READ MORE

Lipo Worked Great - Fat transfer modest results in the end

I'm going to put up pictures and edit this post later. I had lipo done on my lower abdomen, flanks, and sides. I really like the new shape. I have more of an hour glass figure and my bum looks better with the fat from my flanks reduced. It has been two months and my scars are hard to find (the ones I can still find that is). My body is perfectly smooth without bumps or any weird uneven... READ MORE

Waste of Money. Might As Well Have Gotten Lipo

I spent $3000 on 3 ultrashape treatments. I'm 5'2 and 120 lbs. Even when I was only 100 lbs. I always hated my tummy in proportion to my other curves. So to keep the breasts and bum that I have at 120 lbs and still feel thin I thought I'd try ultrashape. Don't go it is a waste of money. I lost weight from dieting and exercising but my proportions are still the same so... READ MORE

Juvederm for Lip Augmentation

One of my friends and I decided to go together to get lip augmentation. Both of us are very happy with the results. The injectable filler specialist (nurse) at TCC is really great. She is super friendly and makes you feel comfortable. She recommended juvederm although the same clinic also offers restylane and artecoll. I already researched that both restylane and juvederm are similar and... READ MORE

Questions from MarinaScott

AFFIRM? 27 Years Old, Caucasian, Fair, Sensitive Skin. Normally Use IPL and Like It. Need Something for First Wrinkles!

I like how IPL helps with freckling and evening out my skin tone. I have 2 wrinkles on my forehead, 2 on sides of my mouth, and some around my eyes (all from smiling-not bad!)... READ MORE

Toronto - Where to Get the G-shot?

I'm interested trying a g-spot amplification treatment. It's hard to google search and find a surgeon that does this in Toronto. I have only found one. It would be nice to have... READ MORE

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My tip also droops. Have you looked into getting a non-surgical nose job? I was telling the lady who does my Botox how I'm interested in fixing my droop and bulbous tip, she just put a bit of filler under the droop and it lifted. If you... READ COMMENT

This happened to me too :( I did it in 2010 when it was newer and I decided not to use brava. The size increase was very modest. I think it really makes a difference to use the brava even though at the time I didn't really think it... READ COMMENT

Hi :) I did this surgery a few years back and did not use brava at all. I found I lost a lot of volume within the first three months and stopped getting smaller after about a year. There was still a noticible size increase but it was... READ COMMENT

Hi :) I am about to do this surgery for a second time here in Toronto. I sent a message to your inbox on here. Hope to hear from you soon! Your results look great! READ COMMENT

Hi, I live in Canada too :) Toronto actually, what about you? How many treatments are you getting for $900? Do you know what wavelength they are using during the treatment? My skin is similar to yours but I have never felt pain. I only... READ COMMENT