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Cheek implants and forehead augmentation sith hydroxyapatite

Cheek Augmentation

3 Mar 2017, Created 3 months ago

M.F. Noorman Van Der Dussen

1 out of 5 stars

This review should have been writen 3 years ago, when i had the surgery. I went see Dr Noorman Van Der Dussen in london fo surgery in belgium.. I wanted a more masculine face, so i asked him to build up my brow bone, lower my eyebrows and give me masuliene cheek bones/orbital rims. I requested he use hydroxyapatitie granules. The surgeon is a polite friendly man, but the surgery was a bif... READ MORE

Orthognathic Surgery with Dr Speculand Birmingham

As i was growing up my left side or my upper and lower jaw stopped growing, and my right side continued, giving me an assymetrical face, with a small cross bite of the left side. The whole of the left side of my face is slightly smaller than the right, so my face looked wonky. I had right sided TMJ pain, with constant headaches developing from the TMJ pain. I did not want to have 2 years of... READ MORE

Groupon Special Offer £999 for Two Areas with Harley Health and Dr Krish Nulliah - United Kingdom, GB

So i i found a groupon with harley health (London, UK) offer for £999 for two areas of smart lipo. I am a male who has never had a flat tummy, but have always been a slim build despite regualr sports and gym and diet. So i bought this offer. My motivation was to get a flat tummy, a rid of my love handles. I paid for 3 areas, lower and upper abdomen (not sure they really did the upper ... READ MORE

3+ Years Post Rhinooplasty - Cairo, Egypt

I travellened to Egypt to have my rhnoplasty by a surgeon who also did my friends. He only seemed to have people wth nose jobs and breast implats. I paid a very very cheap £1000 by a Dr Fathy Khoidair in Cairo The rhinoplasty i have had according to many surgeons post op is an excellent rhinoplasty. The dissapointment i have is the skin at the tip is very thick and its not a defined... READ MORE

Questions from UVanK

Rapid Orthognathic Surgery Or Jaw Implants?

I have mild assymetry of the jaw. The mandible is shorter on the left side, and longer on the right, and so my chin is also placed slightly left, my left jaw sticks out. I have... READ MORE

Grooming After Hair Transplantation

How long after hair follicular transplantation can one expect beging to use ahair dryer, hair wax/gel, can the hair be straightened, and can it be coloured? and can the... READ MORE

Facial Implants and Sports: Do They Work Well Together?

Dear Doctors I am considering facial implants but currenlty play soccer(English Football). I was curious if it is possible to have facial implants if i play a sports, bearing... READ MORE

Hydroxyapatite Implant Specialist?

Dear Surgeons, I am looking for a plastic surgeon who can do hydroxyapatite implants directly on the bone for the orbital rim-malar aspect, NOT a filler. Would anybody be... READ MORE

Skeletal Augmentation Instead of Implants

Is it possible to move the zygomatic bone, and orbital rim instead of having implants? Its seems that most doctors do not talk about implants moving or being removed after... READ MORE

Sports After Facial Filler and Implants?

Dear Doctors Is it possible to play soccer after facial implants, and is it possible to play soccer after fillers, with the possibility the football may hit one in the face.... READ MORE

Orthodontist Which Does Lingual Braces for Othognathic Surgery

Hi i am looking for an orthodontist in Europe that can do lingual braces in preparation for orthognathic surgery? Thanks READ MORE

Recommendations for a Dermal Filler Specialist in Europe>

Could someone please recommend a doctor who has alot of practice with dermal fillers for the under eye and jaw area in europe? Many thanks READ MORE

Will Soprano Xl for Hair Removal Cause Hyperpigmentation in South Asians?

Hi i am a medium south asian colour (type 4/5) will soprano hair laser cause hyperpigmentaton? READ MORE

Phenol Chemical Peel-Did Michael Jackson Use It?

Did michael Jackson actually have vitiligo or did he use a phenol chemical peel that resulted in his 'bleach' READ MORE

Can Orthognathic Surgery Give You a Square Jaw Line To Look More Masculine?

Can orthognathic surgery give you a more square jaw line to make a male jaw more attractive and masculine? READ MORE

Coolaser What is It? Good for Pigment Dark Circles?

I have heard that in the US they are using 'Coolaser' for dark skinned people to help treat pigmentation in dark skinned individuals, is it available in the UK? what... READ MORE

Do Any Surgeons Use Lyo-cartilage for Facial Implants

Do any surgeon use Lyo-cartillage for facial implants? It seems Dr Sailer in Switzerland is the only one that uses it. I have been looking for a surgeon for about 4 years now... READ MORE

Does Anyone Use Bone Morpheogenic Protien Facial Implants?

I am looking to have Bone Morpheogenic protien facial implants, do any surgeons use this material? I would be grateful if you could let me know the surgeons that use this material READ MORE

Can I have a palate expansion AFTER orthognathic surgery?

I am having orthognathic surgery to correct my assymetrical face. I am not having orthodontics for this, and would like to avoid it. I wanted to know if I can have expansion of... READ MORE

I have read much around lasers used to 'lighten' aspect of their skin. Would this be possible? I'm skin type 4.

Dear Doctors I am looking to 'lighten' my skin. I am of south asian decent with type 4 on Fitzpatrik chart. I dont want to change my ethnicity, but would like to appear fairer,... READ MORE

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Kenalog Injection in LONDON

I had a rhinoplasty done abroad over 3 years ago. Is there any surgeons in London willing to use kenalog injections to reduce the thickness of skin on the tip of my nose? READ MORE

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Conpletely agree....and thats also after 5 surgeries :( READ COMMENT

How much did you pay for it? READ COMMENT

@twoplus one Sorry i wont be uploading any pictures. I did not have nay braces, just double jaw surgery @misslondon I went to my orthodontist from when I was a teenager told him about my TMJ pain and facial assymetry and he referred... READ COMMENT

Hi, Anybody who has had problems with this doctor please contact me on my email ***@hotmail.co.uk READ COMMENT

Can I asks who did your surgery? And why did you choose paranasal implants? READ COMMENT