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Botox Side Effects - Vertigo - Boston, MA

I had botox from sept 2008 - sept 2009 with wonderful results & no side effects. I was getting it for free in exchange for outside work I was doing for my derm, who I have been seeing happily for years for other non cosmetic issues. I got it again 3 weeks ago because I had a very... READ MORE

MUAC 8% TCA Peel - Boston, MA

I have decent skin for 41, though i do have an '11' between the brows and 3 lines of somewhat deep forehead wrinkles. I bought some products form MUAC after reading positive reviews online. Got gly-luronic serum, hyluronic serum, 30% glycolic peel (lunchtime peel) and 8% TCA because this... READ MORE

Questions from Natick

I Scarred Myself Doing an at Home TCA Peel, What Can I Do?

I did at home 8% TCA peel that I had had good results with the 2 other times I used it. I never got any flakiness, only some redness and good healing. The last one, late June,... READ MORE

I'd Like Doctors' Opinions About The Icon IPL Laser (Aka Starlux)

I went and saw a highly regarded derm in Boston, who listened thoughtfully to my concerns over my 41 yr old aging skin. I have problems with milia, some broken capilaries, some... READ MORE

Opinions On At-Home LED Therapy? Looking For Moderate Result With Baby Quasar.

Wanted to know if dermatologists could give opinion on the home Red light LED therapies. Are they safe to use during the summer if skin is slightly tan? I know it is in a derms... READ MORE

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Hello - I am so sorry you have had to go through this. (I would advise anyone going into any procedure to take a TON of "before" pics in bright daylight. Hold up a newspaper or make sure there is a time/date stamp to your pics for proof... READ COMMENT

Also - the triangle did clear up after 4-6 weeks, but I was still upset that it might be there forever. READ COMMENT

I had a laser procedure done a few yrs ago, by the asst to the derm. I forget which one it was but there was a triangle pattern left on my right cheek. It was very obvious. When I brought it up to the woman who did the procedure at the... READ COMMENT

No, we are not imagining this, the drs just won't acknowledge, like a child caught in a fib. It is like the vaccine debate. I have a friend who is a phD in the biology & science research field and is VERY pro-vaccine, but says, YES,... READ COMMENT

I only just looked up FROTOX since you mentioned it, hopefully it is a viable alternative to Botox! That would be AWESOME! I know that feeling that Botox gave you. It is why the ads are so well done - "you just don't GET IT until you... READ COMMENT