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Only Needed to Lose 80 Pounds - Gastric Bypass Surgery Due to out of Control Diabetes - Resolved! - Greensboro, NC

I am so happy that I had gastric bypass surgery! I simply cannot tell you what a huge difference it has made in my life. I was not the traditional candidate because I was not 100 pounds overweight. However my diabetes was out of control regardless of what my Dr and I did to try to control it. My latest A1C, prior to WLS was 8.5. And the medications we had tried made me feel bad and in... READ MORE

Permanent Eyeliner - Greensboro, NC

I got my permanent eyeliner almost 5 years ago (at the age of 47) and I LOVE it! Many days I don't feel that I have to wear make-up because my eyes make me look good without anything else. I do add a bit of foundation and lipstain most days but again, feel I look OK with just my eyeliner. It has not faded. I would like to get my lips and brows done, but I have never known anyone who was... READ MORE

My Full Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss (Bypass) Surgery - North Carolina

After having weight loss surgery, and losing 40% of my body weight. I am moving to the next step to have a full tummy tuck. I would like to have a few other things done, but am doing the one that is the most important to me - first. I have met with 4 Cosmetic Surgeons and decided on one yesterday. (The fourth one I met with : ) And the only one who charged me a consultation fee... READ MORE

Questions from Gracey

What Would You Suggest I Do if I Am Unhappy (At 15 Days PO) with my Full Tummy Tuck Result?

I consulted with 4 accredited Plastic Surgeons and each assured me that I was a "dream" tummy tuck candidate. After losing 82 pounds, I had a great deal of loose skin... READ MORE

What Should I Do if I Am Not Happy with Results of ETT?

I am over 50, 5' 2" inches and had lost 90 pounds prior to my ETT. I carefully consulted with 4 Board certified Plastic surgeons and each assured me I would have... READ MORE

How Can I Tell if I Got a Full Tummy Tuck?

How can I tell if I got a full tummy tuck that I agreed to ? I never had to walk bent over, did not have much pain. I am 51 and had lost over 80 lbs. If swelling goes down... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Before and After Main Photo - Representative of Most Results?

When you go to the tummy tuck forum, it pulls up a main photo of someone that "before" had lots of loose skin and fat and the "after" photo shows a very... READ MORE

Swelling Has Increased After Stopping Compression and Resuming Exercise. What to Do?

6 weeks PO from Full Tummy Tuck with waist lipo. Was advised to stop wearing compression at 6 wks PO and allowed to start running for exercise. Within 24 hours I was very... READ MORE

If I Do a Crash Diet Before Lipo, Will Dr Be Able to Remove More Fat Cells?

I am considering lipo of my midriff and abdomen. I have always heard that you have a certain number of fat cells and that the only thing that changes is how much fat they... READ MORE

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Hey ladies! It is my nature to tell everyone everything. Through doing just that over and over my experiences have taught me to say nothing. One girl where I used to work had BA, and 5 years later men at work were still staring at... READ COMMENT

Hey ladies,Big Bumper, JenBob, Daffy, Christina and Kimmers! Work has gotten busy. I am out of the loop too. Spill please about revisions. My PS decided that I must wait until 6 months and do more ab work before she will discuss... READ COMMENT

BigBumper, Kimmers: It doesn't look like things are going to work out for me to join you at the end of the month. I am still trying but nothing seems to be working out. (Sadness) READ COMMENT

Doggone Right Mommy of 4! We have all spent a bunch and we do deserve to have it right. Just think how many more years we will have these bodies! Our DHs get obsessed too, about guy stuff. This is much more important! ; ) Christina &... READ COMMENT

Hi Jenny: Did you say you went from 183 to 144 as a result of a tummy tuck and lipo? If so, that is beyond amazing! What has your recovery been like? READ COMMENT