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Phenomenal hair transplant surgeon and staff, excellent results, thank you!

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Hair Transplant

28 Mar 2017, Created 27 days ago

Brian Goertz, MD

5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Brian Goertz and his wonderful team performed hairline and crown transplant/restoration procedures which led to more than expected and highly favorable results. Thank you doc and team! I met Dr. Goertz at a consult sometime long before the procedure at our initial consult... I think a bit more than a year prior to the procedure, where he gave me a great outline of hair issues, growth... READ MORE

Excellent LIP LIFT, NECK LIFT, and Injections in Kirkland, WA! - Kirkland, WA

I wanted a lip lift but was afraid of having it overdone. I also wanted a neck lift to remove some sagging and fat in that area. Dr. Marshall Partington truly listened to all of my concerns/questions. At a few weeks post-OP, Dr. Partington himself did some injections... that was really wonderful, to have the surgeon actually do the Juvederm/Botox injections. Dr. Partington did a wonderful job... READ MORE

Dream Nose! Flew to Omaha for Life-changing Rhinoplasty! - Omaha, NE

My starting point was a very large nose with a bulbous tip, and I had significant concerns about whether or not a surgeon could give me the result I desired, but Dr. Denenberg did just that. His masterful work on me resulted in a perfect size reduction, yet something which is natural looking, not too small for my face, meeting the goals I discussed with him. When I look in the mirror, I am in... READ MORE

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Neck lift post-OP compression garments in collar or other form which avoid the need for straps or pressure over head?

Are there any known good compression garments which are in collar form and/or which use memory foam with variable inflatable air which can be used after a neck lift instead of... READ MORE

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I answered in a reply to your initial query which is in the comment section below... and sorry for the delay in responding there! READ COMMENT

I don't know exactly how many mm but since its far more reasonable and easier to go conservative at first, then go back to do more later, I opted for an effective but conservative lift. I did this based on what I could see about my... READ COMMENT