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I wanted to share this story in hopes it might help someone. For my 30th bday, which was in 2008, I purchased a TCA 35% online. I just wanted to look a little younger, being a smoker and all. I now know I never needed anything that strong! I got a bit of a burn (my words) over my cheek bones and temporal regions (both sides). On the right cheek bone, it turned brown with red in it over... READ MORE

Questions from sarah_67

What is Melasma - Condition and Causes?

Being 33 and male, I was diagnosed by my derm as having melasma. I had a chemical peel, picked the scab, and it left a dark mark exactly where the scab was. My question is, is... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Facial Vascular Scar After TCA Peel?

Following a 35% TCA peel done at home with no aftercare, redness developed around my cheek bones and temporal regions and it still remains. This is now 3 years later. The... READ MORE

What Are the Side Effects of Isolaz Treatment?

What the side effects for this treatment? I can't find them on this site or even the manufacturers site. READ MORE

Can Nicotine Replacement Therapy Cause Rosacea?

I've done some researching, and some literature suggest this is possible. After 16 years of smoking, I quit in June 2010. Since then, I've developed what seems like... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Persistent Redness Post Nicotine Replacement Therapy

I had a TCA 35% peel about 3 years ago. All went well. Last fall when I quit smoking, I used nicotine replacement therapy. Since then, I've developed rosacea only in the... READ MORE

What is Biafine Used For?

I have some chemical burn scars on my face that are a few years old. They have discolored over the years and turned reddish. My doctor has done 2 PDL's with some success... READ MORE

What Is Causing This Red Spot, and How Do I Correct It?

In 2008 I made the mistake of an "at home" TCA peel of 35%. No aftercare was done, and sunblock wasn't worn. Things turned out fairly well. Since then, Ive quit... READ MORE

Does Meth Addiction Cause Acne?

It has been mentioned that meth users develop acne called, "meth acne." What is the scientific explanation for this, or if there isn't one, what is the... READ MORE

What Are the Potential Side Effects of Gentle:YAG on Face for Redness?

I've had 2 pulsed dye laser treatments with little success. My doctor suggested that I consider the Gentle:YAG. He mentioned blistering is possible. What are the potential... READ MORE

Is $1,000 for a Full-face Pulse Dye Laser Treatment Too Much when Treating Rosacea?

A very well known dermatologist quoted me $1,000 to treat my entire face with a V Beam laser. I have rosacea and would like my entire face treated. This dermatologist is very... READ MORE

V Beam PERFECTA for Redness and Hyperpigment?

I've read on Candela's website that the PERFECTA can treat vascular things as well as pigment things. Is it able to do this in one pass (one wavelength), or are... READ MORE

PIH or PIE After TCA. Will Fraxel Dual 1927 Help?

I stupidly self inflicted a TCA 35% peel several years ago. I now have skin discoloration. A derm has told me I do not have scarring but I do have PIH, but it doesnt look... READ MORE

Does FRAXEL Dual 1927 Treat Dermal Hyperpigmentation?

I do not want to get the 1550 wavelength, and since I don't have acne scars or wrinkles, I don't see the need. Will the 1927 alone treat dermal hyperpigmentation? READ MORE

What is Hexylresorcinol? Is it Better Than Hydroquinone for Skin Lightening?

What is Hexylresorcinol? Is it better than hydroquinone for skin lightening? READ MORE

Isolaz for Red and Brown Spots?

My doctor wants to perform Isolaz treatment for some red and brown areas on my skin. Is Isolaz safe and are there any side effects or risks? READ MORE

How to Fix Redness and Hyperpigmentation?

I had a small patch of hyperpigmentation under my right eye about the size of a quarter. I got obsessed with it and the "dirty" look of it, and started washing my skin a lot... READ MORE

Will Melasma Fade on Its Own Once the Cause is Corrected?

I was diagnosed with melasma about 2 years ago. Now that we figured out the cause, my doctor says it should now fade away on its own, so long as I wear sunblock daily. Can I... READ MORE

How long for redness to fade after obsessive facial washing?

I have a brown spot on my face that started to bother me, and that lead to obsessive face washing (12-25 times a day) that went on for months. This dried my skin and left it... READ MORE

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You look a LOT better afterwards. Glad it worked out for you! READ COMMENT

How much did you pay? Im looking for this myself also in Chicago. Thanks READ COMMENT

Speedy: So glad to hear! I bet even with very little scarring, your skin will continue to improve. You're (still) in my prayers! God bless READ COMMENT

Nadia: Finacea is a drug that contains somethign called Azelaic Acid. Its a substance that occurs naturally in the skin. Finacea is for acne and rosacea. It does a fine job of fading red marks and hyperpigmentation. It works somewhat... READ COMMENT

Finacea! It WORKS (I got burned too). You guy get it here in the states for $195 (w/o insurance) or you can order it online from an Australia pharmacy for $35 (that includes shipping). IT WILL GET BETTER! READ COMMENT