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Neck Lift with Lipo - done twice - New York, NY

The procedure I had was a neck lift with lipo- a small incision under the chin, all fat removed from the neck area, then the muscle bands tightened, then the excess skin pulled back from behind the ears. There is a small incision of about a half an inch under my chin and incisions running from the bottom of my earlobe to my hairline, behind the ear. I am only on day recovery and back at work... READ MORE

Sorry, but Botox is Great - New York

I have been getting my forehead injected for about 3 years now. What a difference. Recently I started getting just a little around my eyes. Not only do the wrinkles relax when the Botox kicks in, but if you get them regularly you will have LESS wrinkles than you did before, even if you stop getting the injections. It's like ironing a shirt and not wearing it. I'm in my forties and... READ MORE

Great Results, Some Lasting Effects - New York

I have been getting Restalyne injections for 'marionette lines' around my nose and mouth for about 3 years now, and the last time I went the doctor put a tiny bit in my upper lip to fill out some fine lines there. I abolutely LOVE the results. I go when they have a '2 for 1' special (one syringe is $750), as I need a lot on one side of my face. I go for two syringes once a... READ MORE

Multiple Sessions, Terrible Results - New York, NY

I have spider veins and one slightly bumpy pre-varicose vein. During the first session, I had my entire legs injected (approximately 20 injections) where the veins showed, and the doctor also injected a vein behind my knee he said was 'pre-varicose'. The result was that there was NO improvement, and at some of the injection sights I had NEW burst capillaries from the needle. I knew... READ MORE

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Blisters After Sclerotherapy

I have some long thin blisters at the injection site as well as large bean shaped blisters. They are painful. The doctor tried to tell me they came from tape, I find this hard... READ MORE

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Thank you Andrea, but this post is over 4 years old. I think it became active on the site because people have commented recently. I had 4 sessions and terrible results/no improvement, and I think its safe to say that enough time has... READ COMMENT

I was not given a cell phone number, but I rated the phone response 3 out of 5, which is not 'bad', because I did get a call back after leaving a message. The doctors on this forum were more helpful as to the cause of the blisters. I... READ COMMENT

I don't know if anyone noticed, but my review is almost 4 years old. Patience is not an issue. The veins did not go away with time, but they got worse. The injections were the normal saline solution. As I posted before, the second... READ COMMENT

I got some filler injected into my earlobes, it made the creases much less noticable. READ COMMENT

I had that surgery a year and a half ago and those 'chin puckers' as you call them don't go away. You can have a second surgery, like I did 6 months ago, or maybe the lipo will help you. I did see some improvement after the second time... READ COMMENT