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The concept of “plastic surgery trip” was for me and my family a real MAGIIIC solution because we all did tremendous savings by going to south america;; of course we all know that the price should never be the most important... READ COMMENT

Hi Clk, my surgery was performed by two plastic surgeons Dr.S and Dr. S but I didn't go directly with them, I went through a medical operator, if you go with this company I don't know if you will have your surgery done with the... READ COMMENT

Scary!! Why? liposuction is a very popular plastic surgery in latin america..millions persons have this surgery done each year. I have it done in Bolivia I paid $2600 for a tummy tuck (in an All inclusive package: including stay in a... READ COMMENT

I had a first surgery done on 2005, I had smart liposuction from a “very reputable” plastic surgeon and to my dismay ended up with unsightly indentations and an unnatural result. As I couldn’t afford a revision liposuction in the US (t... READ COMMENT

Hi Claa,,, Did you remove your pictures?? because I can't see them. Everybody says you look amazing. For your scar Mederma is an excellent product. I hope you are now happy with your results. However I think that the price you paid... READ COMMENT