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Restylane- Bad Reaction - Eagan, MN

I had Restylane for nasolabial lines. I am 41 year old female with fair sensitive skin. Besides the visible bruising that lasted for 3 weeks, and the swelling that lasted 2 weeks my jaw on one side was so painful I could hardly stand it. That side of my face and jaw was swollen, painful for 3 days and I was already on doxycycline for acne. I ended up having to take prednisone to resolve the... READ MORE

Questions from Tylie

Is It Safe to Use AHA 8% Gel and BHA 2% Liquid at the Same Time?

I use 8%AHA twice a week at night and 2% BHA 5 nights a week to help keep my skin clear. I am 42 y/o female with fair and sensitive skin with discoloration from past breakouts... READ MORE

Can I be on doxycycline while going through other treatments?

Can I be on doxycycline and/or use Retin A while being treated by the Aramis Laser and the Gentle Waves Photomodulation or are there scarring or other concerns? I am currently... READ MORE

Exilis Treatment-What Are the Risks? Is It a Laser?

I am interested in tightening up some wrinkles under my eyes and also removing some cellulite. Is the Exilis a Laser treatment? All I can find is that is uses heat. WHat are... READ MORE

Is Omnilux Clear-u for at Home Use Safe and Effective?

Is Omnilux Clear-U for at home use treatment of acne safe and effective? What are the long term risks/side effects? Tylie READ MORE

How Soon After Restylane Can I Have Another Filler in the Nasolabial Fold Area?

I had Restylane in the nasolabial fold area 1.5 months ago. The bruising lasted 3 weeks but the effects seem to be rapidly deteriaorating to the point it really doesn;t look... READ MORE

What Causes Allergic Reactions to Fillers? Is There a Way to Do a Test?

Is there a way to know ahead of time if you will react allergically to Restylane or Radiesse or Selphyl? Can you do a test injection on your arm or back like they do for... READ MORE

How Does the Tanda Blue Light Therapy Work to Reduce Acne?

What does the Tanda do and how does it affect skin long term? Is it as effective as the Gentle Waves and the Aramis Laser or do they work differently? More wrinkles, less... READ MORE

Will Gentle Waves LED Cause Acne Breakouts in Acne-Prone Adults?

Will the Gentle Waves LED cause an acne breakout in adults currently dealing with acne issues? Can you be using Retin A topical and be on doxycycline while getting Gentle Waves? READ MORE

Will Radiesse Have Less Side Effects and Bruising Than Restylane?

I had bruising and swelling for 3 weeks post Restylane injections a few months ago in my nasolabial lines. The doctor is well repected and used novacaine shots first and then... READ MORE

Will Taking Prednisone Cause More Side Effects with Fillers and Lasers Like Radiesse, Gentle Waves, or BBL?

I am taking 20 mg of prednisone for arthritis daily. Will it cause more bruising or other side effects if I have Radiesse, Restylane, Gentle Waves LED and-or BBL treatments... READ MORE

If You Are Allergic to Animals, Pollen and Some Foods Are Filler Injections Safe?

Being allergic to animals, pollen, root vegitables etc would I be more likely to have an allergic reaction to Restylane or Radiesse or Selphyl? READ MORE

Is the Baby Quasar Red and Blue Light Device Effective or Harmful for Acne and Wrinkles?

I am considering the Baby Quasar red and blue light therapy device. It would pay for itself in a short amount of time versus going to the dermatologist twice a week at $100... READ MORE

Gentle Waves LED vs. Aramis vs. Baby Quasar?

It seems as though the Gentle Waves LED, Aramis Laser and the Baby Quasar red and blue light all say they treat acnes, wrinkles, age spots and help produce collagen. Is this... READ MORE

What's Best for Decreasing Oil Production - Aramis Laser, Gentle Waves LED or Baby Quasar?

For helping decrease oily skin that has to be blotted every couple hours which is the most effective treatment? The Aramis Laser, Gentle Waves LED or Baby Quasar red and blue... READ MORE

Are the Smoothbeam Laser and the Aramis Laser the Same Thing? Do They Do the Same Thing?

Is the Smoothbeam Laser and the Aramis Laser the same thing? Which one has the least side effects and which is the most effective for reducing a very oily face? READ MORE

How Often Does Unwanted Facial Hair Growth Happen with Red Light Therapy?

I was looking at purchasing the Baby Quasar red light therapy device. But I am reading that red light therapy is used to help people regrow hair and that there are some people... READ MORE

Is Using the Clarisonic After Radiesse and/or Restylane Okay?

I use the Clarisonic twice a day to clean my face. Do I have to wait to use it again after Radiesse and Restylane injections into the nasolabial fold lines? I know they use the... READ MORE

Best to Have a Plastic Surgeon, General MD or a Dermatologist Perform Filler Injections?

All things being equal I am leaning toward going to the plastic surgeon to put in nasolabial filler injectons. The general MD at the Skin Clinic and the dermatologist are both... READ MORE

Are Doxycycline and/or Retin-A Topical Safe when Having Red and Blue Light Therapy?

Can I take doxycycline 100mg twice daily and using Retin A .02% topical gel while using the red and blue light therapy? I know both of them increase UV sensitivity and I am... READ MORE

Will the Gentle Waves LED or Red Light Treatment Help Reduce the Amount of Oil Production?

I am looking to reduce the amount of oiliness I have on my face. I am 42 year old, fair skinned female with hormone related acne breakouts still. The Tretinoin .1% gel used... READ MORE

DPL System by MUAC (Make Up Artists Choice) vs. Gentle Waves. Is Doxycycline Okay?

I am looking at Gentle Waves therapy to address 40+y/o female hormonal acne/cystic acne and fine lines. It's $50/session in the office. I was looking at the Quasar line but... READ MORE

Will Restylane Show Up on MRI or CT Scans?

Will Restylane injected in the naso-labial lines 5 months ago (beginning of November) show up on a CT Scan or MRI? Are there any issues with having either scan done with the... READ MORE

Is my Accutane Dose Safe?

I am 42 yo cauc. female with moderate hormonal acne flares and was on Accutane (Claravis actually) 6 months ago at 40 mg one day then 80 mg the next. I did not tolerate it well... READ MORE

Accutane Vs Red and Blue Light Therapy?

I had several side effects from Claravis (generic accutane) after a month and had to go off for trying to control VERY oily skin and moderate cystic hormonal 42 year old acne... READ MORE

Accutane Dose Too High?

Last year I was given 40mg of Claravis (generic Accutane) to take one day then 80mg the next alternating. Within 2 months my hair fell out, cholesterol was high and skin was... READ MORE

Thermascan 1319 Safe After Accutane and Effective for Oily, Acne Skin?

I am a 42 yo cauc fem with hormonal acne. I discontinued a 4 month course of generic Accutane(Claravis) in Aug due to increased cholesterol and hair loss. It was suggested to... READ MORE

Does Restylane Cause Acne or is This a Coincidence?

I had Restylane for nasolabial lines about 6 months ago and ever since I have had acne breakouts constantly along those lines now with pretty constant redness as well. The... READ MORE

Recent comments from Tylie

Is the pixel laser treatment the same thing as the pixel CO2 treatment? READ COMMENT

Well I had nice skin until I turned 18 and went on BCP to regulate 'things'. Then the acne (hormonal) started. At about 22 I went on Accutane and it worked great with very little side effects. It lasted about 15 years. After my last... READ COMMENT

Thank you for the explanation:) I need to address adult acne but I was on accutane and have to wait a full year to do anything. So researching while I wait. READ COMMENT

What is the difference between the pixel treatment and the chemical peel? I was told they were the same thing. Thank you. READ COMMENT

How is your progress? To clarify are you saying the Levulan was what caused the reaction of your skin and the Omnilux itself would be okay. And you are treating with the Omnilux by itself now? READ COMMENT