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What Antibiotics Do I Need Post-CO2 Fractional Laser?

I am 6 days post CO2 fractional laser. The swelling is almost gone and my skin has peeled but during the last 2 days my skin has become extremely sore,burning and stinging... READ MORE

I Feel a Gap at the Back of my Dental Bridge and the Gum Line, Can Infection Get in Between?

I have just had a new zircinium bridge fitted. I can feel a gap between the crown edges and my gum line. The dentist said it is okay, but surely bacteria can get in and cause... READ MORE

Why is It So Difficult to Get my Bite Right?

On right side, I am having a 3 crown bridge and 2 side crowns replaced, yet after 6 fittings, my bite is not right. The back teeth hit in wrong place and side teeth do not... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Bottom Crowns to Be Darker Than Top Crowns?

All my teeth have been crowned (all zirconia/ porcelain) by a cosmetic dentist.The color is a perfect match except for 4 front bottom teeth which are noticeably darker than the... READ MORE