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Cheek Implant for Flat Face

I am 19 years old . It seem that I have no cheek and my face is really flat , is there anyway to have cheek or malar like image , it is about 8 mm difference ? also is it... READ MORE

Is Lipofilling Cream Safe?

I am 19 years old and very thing I have 20 KG underweight . my face seem dropped into my face and it seem that I have no cheek and . doctor suggest me 'Lierac... READ MORE

What Makes my Brow Ridge Very Large?

I have large brow ridge , ct scan show it is large sinus space . it makes my eyebrow huge .I want to know does it became large after age 19 and what happened for me so I have... READ MORE

Chin Surgery or Jaw Surgery for Bad Profile View (19 y/o Male)?

Hi I am 19.8 years old boy , I have ectomorph body with 15 KG underweight , I have receding chin and very small jaw . doctor say me I have class1 dental , I do not know why ,... READ MORE

Thin Face - Will My Face Become Wider if I Gain Weight?

I am 19 years old body . with 15-20 KG underweight . I have thin body , Also I have thin face ( it's wide is less than avarage face ) , I want to know if I gain 20-30 KG... READ MORE

Procedure to Widen my Thin Face

Hi i am 20 , my face is very thin , it seem that I have this problem because of my bad teeth and small jaw ? is there any way to widen jaw and checks about 1 cm with natural... READ MORE

Is a Fat Transfer a Viable Option?

I am 20years old boy , I have very thin face , even my body fat is about 3% but my face seem cupped around my teeth , I want to know if I gain some fat , does my face became... READ MORE

Does the Nose Continue to Produce Oil and Grow After Age 20?

Hi I have thick skin on my nose , i see black dots on my nose , so I think I have oily skin , my nose and nose tip is large , I want to know does my skin produce oil after 20... READ MORE

Does Pore Extraction Can Help Oily Nose Skin ?

I see small black dots on my nose , if I do pore extraction with my hands , does it help my oily skin? or is there a better way? READ MORE

Best Way to Thin out Oily Skin ?

Is there any way to thin out thick , oily nose skin (only skin) ? READ MORE

Cheek Implant for my Face

Hi I am 20 kg underweight . I want to know, can cheek(malar) implants help me widen my face so that the inner edge of my ear will not be visible . regards READ MORE

Can my Face be Widened With Orthodontics?

I have thin jaw and face , is it possible to make face (jaw) wider with orthodontics for a 20 year old boy ? READ MORE

Can a Small Jaw Make Lips and Skin Thicker?

Hi I have very small lower jaw , I want to know does it makes my lips and skin thicker ? specially upper lip . (I have convex face too ) READ MORE

I'm 20 yrs old and when I smile or laugh my mouth opens very wide. Is it possible to make my smile not as wide?

Hi I am 20 years old, when I smile or laugh my mouth opens very wide so it seems that my smiel goes from ear to ear! is there anyway to fix it so when I'm laughing, my mouth... READ MORE

Can Sunblock (sun Protection) Kill Fat Under Skin .

I was thin with 2 percent bodyfat , after 5 month I gained about 10lbs , my face became fatter , but two weeks of using sunblock , my face fat return to old and my face became... READ MORE