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Liposuction Vs Mini Tummy Tuck?

I am 35 and have had 2 C-sections. I do have a acummulated fat in the lower part of the abdomen and on the flanks. I had a recent consultation with a Plastic Surgeon who... READ MORE

Best Laser to Improve Aging Skin with Rosacea?

I was told by a technincian at my derm's office that for Rosacea the best laser would be Vbeam (Candela Pulse Dye Laser) for brown spots from Sun damage and Nd:Yag (Med-Lite),... READ MORE

AFT Pulsed Light or IPL for Spots, Rosacea, Fine Lines?

My goal is to improve skin tone (brown spots/sun damage and redness due to rosacea) as well as skin texture (pores) and fine lines. READ MORE

Numbness After Chin Augmentation

I've had a chin augmentation 10 days ago, and I still can't feel the left side of my lip and chin. I also had liposuction done on the neck, as well as a platysmaplasty. It... READ MORE

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Catgirl2, What material is your current implant? Solid Silicone? I would hate the idea to loose the effect of the implant after a while. How come is becoming smaller? What does the dr says? Carli READ COMMENT

Hi Foster, I found out that as time passed I was even more pleased with the overall result than just a few days and weeks after. I am glad you are feeling better though. If I nick pick I too find something I wished was better. I guess... READ COMMENT

Hi. I just posted for Corria. I am doing better from the numbness and I am happy with the result. How about you? Carli READ COMMENT

Corria, Sorry I did not see this sooner. How are you feeling? My redness and pealing etc...Were all gone within a few days after I wrote, even though the same happened again. I am still not sure what caused it, but I am thinking was an... READ COMMENT

I am 9 days post op from a Chin implant and platysmaplasty and still have numbness on left side of chin and lip. I am concerned it would be permanent. Are you recover from it? I am also not symmetrical, but then again I have never been,... READ COMMENT