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Questions from Happy1974

Is This a Good Plan To Prepare For Fat Transfer To Butt and Breasts In The Future? (photo)

Hi Drs My wife wants BBL & breast aug w/ fat from her FLANKS, INNER, and OUTER thighs. She is 5'4'' & 145 lbs & w/ thinner waist & upper body, but... READ MORE

Will 500 Ccs Per Butt Cheek Be Enough for my Wife's Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery? (photo)

Hello, My wife had an in-person consult with a doctor. My wife is 145 lbs, at 5'4'', & already has a waist-hip ratio of .65 She wants a BBL. We thought 700 ccs per cheek... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift & Brava + AFT Breast Augmentation : How to Do Both over Time?

Hello Drs. My wife reached a decision. She is currently 150 lbs, and at 5 ft 6 inches. I thought she was 5 ft 4 inches, but I was incorrect. She wants injected 875 cc per cheek... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for Atrophic Facial Scar? (photo)

My wife has a small atrophic facial scar since she was a baby. It's from a dog bight. It's little more than 1 cm long, about 2 mm wide, & depressed. It's above her upper... READ MORE

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Hey all you beautiful ladies, regardless if you've had surgery yet or not, you all are all beautiful. So go for yours. My already beautiful wife, who I've been faithfully married to for 6 years, wants to have the following surgery... READ COMMENT

I don't understand the purpose of Belleisis June 8th posting. The RS board is a place where people can find information and share stories. I think for those that are interested in plastic surgery procedures, this site has done alot of... READ COMMENT

Thanks Shaell2000 for your post with photos. My wife asked me to pay for a BBL for her, and we decided on Dr. J too. He's higher than most other doctors, but the photos of his patients look alot better. He seems to have expertise at... READ COMMENT