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Prolonged Healing from Active Fx - Los Angeles, CA

Overall, at this point (almost 5 weeks post active fx on face, neck, chest), my face looks horrible. It looked better two weeks after, but progressively got redder and darker red areas around eyes. Also have a small rash under each eye, not sure from what? Have been diligent about sunblock,... READ MORE

Too Early to Tell- Quite Painful - San Diego, CA

I had this done in combination with a q switched laser to remove brown spots on face, chest, and hands. I also had a pulse dye laser for veins on the face. The veins disappeared miraculously! I have lots of dark brown spots on my hands and chest. I have to say that out of the three lasers, the... READ MORE

Never Again and Why Would Anyone Subject Themselves to This?? - Newport Beach, CA

I had this done to my upper abdomen yesterday. Obviously it's too soon for results, but I don't care. I would NEVER have put myself through this discomfort had I known. Unreal. Nothing could be worth this. Not only the discomfort of the machine grabbing your skin and not being able to move,... READ MORE

Two Times with Vi - NO PEEL. Dana Point, CA

This is the second time I've done this peel with no peeling! I followed the instructions to a 't' so I really don't want any doctors or anyone else to say, oh, you must have missed a step. I am a RN and I followed those instructions meticulously. I took a week off work, using up my PTO time... READ MORE

Questions from selfimposedhermit

PIH Post-Active FX

8-9 weeks post active fx, with no pre-treatment, have developed PIH on both cheeks. I am light skinned, a touch of olive. Compounded 8% hydroquinone/tretinoin is way too... READ MORE

Can't Figure out Cause of Milia

I have only recently begun to get several tiny milia under eyes and on eyelids. Can't see why? Using hypoallergenic cream on eye area, not new. Can they be removed by a... READ MORE

How Long Are Your Eyes Red After Milia Extraction?

I am going for milia extraction in a few days on a Friday. How long will my eyes be red after this? Many small ones on upper eyelids and below eyes. I have to go on a business... READ MORE

Will 10 days be enough time to recover and go back to work after Fraxel Laser for upper lip lines and wrinkles?

I would like to have fraxel done on my upper lip area only. The rest of my skin is probably OK. Would ten days be sufficient to be able to cover any redness so I could go back... READ MORE

Discussions started by selfimposedhermit

Removal of syringomas

Just had some milia removed by a dermatologist. Went really well, but I have about 5 syringomas total. Left eye has 4. Has anyone had any luck removing them? If so, what was... READ MORE

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I think it's complete insanity. go for regular liposuction. at least you get anesthesia either full or local. READ COMMENT

I don't think there is anything you can do to 'prep' your skin. I have seen more doctors about this than you might imagine! It will get better, I promise you. There are no miracle creams or anything else that will speed it up. I... READ COMMENT

I'm sorry.. this sounds like a scam.. not very likely that some kind of pill will break up melasma/pih when people are going through god knows what to get rid of it. I wish people would stop giving others hope through some new... READ COMMENT

I have not had that experience, but I have read that it may depend on the type of laser, and how aggressive they applied it. Are you bronzed looking or red at all? READ COMMENT

Hi, yes, you are right. It's been way over a year now. It finally got better, but I can still very faintly see a little on my left cheek. No one else would see it though. I got a new cream from a dermatologist that was 8%... READ COMMENT