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Is There a Way to Fix Heavy Nasolabial Folds on Young Women?

Hi, I am 25, 5'6", 115 lbs (skinny), but suffer from heavy nasolabial folds. Is this because I'm fat, or is there something wrong with my face? Is there a way to... READ MORE

What happens to my nose if I remove my gore-tex rhinoplasty implant, just in case it gets infected in the future? (photo)

-27 yrs., Asian, had rhinoplasty to raise dorsal (~1-2 mm) & refine bulbous tip 4 years ago. -Gore-tex implant used for bridge. -My nose is in good shape, NOT infected, and I... READ MORE

When botox is injected, I felt an electrifying rush within my veins from the injection site. Is this normal?

You can feel the liquid travel throughout your veins into your entire body. Is that normal? It's similar to when you run & push yourself above the limit, & you can feel a chill... READ MORE

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Why do friends and family sometimes object to cosmetic surgery? How to convince them? Why is it so taboo?

When I was growing up, my family always made fun of my nose. Now that I'm an adult and decided to do rhinoplasty, all of a sudden they say I'm perfect just the way I am. My... READ MORE

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Your smile is so pretty! It reminds me of Katherine Heigl READ COMMENT

Indeed, may6385, thank you very much for your constant progress and replies!! READ COMMENT

What is your doctor's name? I'd like to get it done with him. READ COMMENT