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Revision Rhinoplasty Mistake - Chicago, IL

Totally regret going to this doctor. My breathing is 75% worse and my nose is a large, triangular, crooked blob. After my primary rhinoplasty my nose was slimmer, had a really nice tip, and was pretty even. I really liked it. But I got injured and had to get a revision done. I shouldn't have researched it more then. I didn't know about any of these sites at that time. READ MORE

Questions from Stormy100

Is It Normal for Your Nose to Collapse (valve)?

Is it normal for your nose to collapse(valve) 7-11 months after rhinoplasty revision surgery? I bumped it a few times not very hard but noticed it seemed like it was more... READ MORE

Top Chicago Doctors and Revision Rhinoplasty

How can I get a list of the top Chicago doctors that specialize in revision rhinoplasty? I have researched reviews and doctors sites as much as I can. I know some doctors... READ MORE

Had Revision Rhinoplasty . Grafts Became Dettached.

The doctor was suppose to re-attach a graft from my nose to the bone so I could breathe better. After a few months it became dettached on the left side. Then 6 1/2 months later... READ MORE

Had Revision Rhinoplasty . Grafts Became Deattached. Part 2

I just wanted to add to my previous question that I may have inadvertently bumped my nose a little with my hand. I'm wondering if that would cause the grafts to come undone... READ MORE

Is It Absolutely Necessary to Put a Spreader Graft in to Imporve Breathing?

I had one put in but my breathing did not improve. It actually got worse after my grafts collapsed at the top of my nose. Before I had the surgery I was much better off. My... READ MORE

Regarding One of my Previous Questions About the Grafts Detaching...(This Was a Revision).

Regarding one of my previous questions about the grafts detaching...To clarify the Dr. said he put a tiny graft on either side of my nose up at the top to connect the side of... READ MORE

Will a Spreader Graft Straighten a Depression on my Nose?

I'm the One That Asked About the Spreader Grafts and if It's Necessary to Have Them to help with breathing. I also wanted to know if you need it to straighten a nose... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Straighten a Nose and Improve Breathing Problems Without Using a Spreader Graft??

I don't know why anyone would want their nose widened. Do patients actually agree with that and like their appearance afterward? My Dr. used a spreader graft and my nose... READ MORE

Spreader Grafts in Revision -part 3

Thanks for your suggestions. I just wonder if this can be fixed without using a spreader graft? My nose is so wide now I think it looks horrible. The last surgery was a... READ MORE

Is a Spreader Graft Supposed to Make Your Nose Look Extremely Wide and Bulbous?

I specifically, told my doctor to keep my nose looking as similar as possible without altering the appearance too much. I look completely different. I had an thin, longish,... READ MORE

Steroid Injections for Every Checkup

Is it standard procedure for the doctor to give steroid injections at every checkup appointment?-about every 6 weeks for a year following the surgery? Is it safe to keep... READ MORE

Is It Possible For Spreader Grafts To Collapse That Were Inserted Into Each Side of the Nose?

Is there a possibility of them collapsing or are they usually placed in there so nothing can damage them? READ MORE

Discussions started by Stormy100

Help Breathing After Valve Collapse

I was just wondering what other people that can't breathe due to valve collapse are doing right now? How are you coping with it? Is there anything to do to temporarily help... READ MORE

Recent comments from Stormy100

I'm curious to know what people think of Dr. Shah as I was thinking of consulting with him. READ COMMENT

I noticed there was a discussion about Dr. Gunter. I have heard horrible things about some of his surgeries, although I have heard some good things about his partner Dr. Cochran. So I am considering him but still alittle nervous... READ COMMENT

It looks like he was an ENT. My doctor was an ENT and a plastic Surgeon. I though being an ENT, he would be better at a complex revision but he totally ruined my nose. I miss my old nose. If you get a revision done and have a great... READ COMMENT

Kako2-- Do you mind saying what doctor you went to?? READ COMMENT

I heard that Dr. Jay Calvert is excellent in Beverly Hills. I am considering him for my revision surgery. I had a very pretty nose. I went in to have a couple grafts re placed or attached and came out of with a totally different nose... READ COMMENT