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Oh i see so yah thats good to hear the 5fu/comb is working so after each time you use the 5fu/steroid then does the lump come back the same size as before how long does a steroid/5fu injections last in keeping the lump under control? do... READ COMMENT

Hi i posted earlier from my ipod so the speeling gets all messed up lol but i was wondering why dr casavantes couldnt help with your pmma problems? READ COMMENT

Also wwils was dr casavantes not Ablemto Help your problems regardingnpmma?? READ COMMENT

Hey wwills how are you doing?? How are the lump nodilemtreamdnts cokijg along?? Ive decided to only do jaw/ chin pmma and for anywhere else ill use temporary fillers please keep in email contact with me at zindaagi_786 And i use... READ COMMENT

Hi Will that's good to hear theyve had no problems after 5years. but yah an update on me I'm still leaning towards dr casavantes for my jaw chin and zygomatic arch but I'm gonna tell him not to put anywhere with thin skin or... READ COMMENT