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I wanted to add that when I got home I was still nauseous so I stopped taking the pain meds and just took the antibiotics. I might have been in a little more pain, but it was better than wanting to throw up 24/7. I just took Tylenol... READ COMMENT

I'm so glad your getting help and it's working! Have you told your PS your getting womb care done? What has he said? Does he want to see you to see how you are healing or has he cut you off? READ COMMENT

The hospital will give you something to help with nausea because you don't want to throw up. That will hurt! They did for me because I was nauseous from the antibiotics. I had major anxiety after surgery. They gave me a Zanax which mad... READ COMMENT

I had a Tummy Tuck and my nipples were sore. I did not have a breast job. No worries. READ COMMENT

I'm 3 weeks PO and just starting to stand up straight but my Dr did a lot of tightening on me. I've read posts where woman walk straight in a couple days. Not sure how that's possible. I still have some swelling although you can't tell... READ COMMENT