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Questions from jessica45

Did I Mess Up my Nose Job or Am I Just Being Paranoid?

Hi I underwent rhinoplasty last week and got the cast removed just recently and the doctor told me that the nose is extremely fragile and and that I should be very careful with... READ MORE

Fraxel-laser Resurfacing Before Midface-lift and Neck Lipo?

I am planning on getting a midface-lift and liposuction on my neck area, but I also have some minor acne scars and skin-imperfections that I'd like to fix with the fraxel... READ MORE

Bone Resorption with Cheek Implants?

I've come across several articles regarding bone resorption with silastic chin implants. That the material is causing pressure on the bone and is therefore through the years... READ MORE

Pocket-sewn Silicone Cheek Implants Imposed on Me?

I'll be getting cheek implants tomorrow. I am however concerned about my surgeon's decision to ignore my demands about using medpor implants with screws, instead of pocket-sewn... READ MORE

Cheek Implant Sizing Too Small?

I'm 2 days post OP cheek implants and I honestly feel that the implants the surgeon chose for me are too small. I don't really see the bold difference I was opting for. He... READ MORE

I'm 8 Days Post Rhinoplasty. I Used a Tweezer to Carefully Remove Dried Up Blood, Accidentally Removed Cotton Knots? (photo)

I'm 8 days post rhinoplasty (revision). I used a tweezer to carefully remove dry blood through my nostrils at the tip area. I then accidently tweezed out about three of these... READ MORE

Do Silicone Orbital Rim Implants Erode the Underlying Bone?

I am getting orbital rim implants under my eyes. They are supposed to fill out my hollows. However, there've been reports about erosion risks happening to all sorts of silicone... READ MORE

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Hi! Aww don't feel like you can't do anything about your sub-malar cheek region, because you can! Most high fashion models do not even have that much fat in that area anyway. You could get cheek implants on the upper parts (malar area)... READ COMMENT