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I was awake for the entire thing, just numb. He made incision behind my ear lobe to do it. It was the area between cheekbone and jaw. From the front, it looks ok but quarterview, my face looks flat as a pancake READ COMMENT

I went to a very reputable surgeon to have a chin implant. He also lipo'd my cheek area. At first I was thrilled the fat was gone but now I have a very flat look to my face. He wanted to use fat to fill out my cheek bones. Thank God I... READ COMMENT

Just went for a consult with a dermatologist. She told me she wanted to create cheek bones to pull my face upward. However the first session is two vials -2 thousand. Says I may need 5 or 6 sessions. That's like 12 grand. Really? Why... READ COMMENT

I received your email but I live in Florida. And I didnt think it was cheap! You can send me an email with further details. ********@hotmail.com READ COMMENT

I really was a little concerned about the FDA thing but I think it is definately FDA approved but like you, while it does work to a degree, not worth the bang for the big bucks. It is for skinny people with little pockets of stubborn fat. READ COMMENT