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Chin Implant multiple removal and fat transplant

Had multiple procedures, face lift, fat transfer, neck lift & chin implant last July. chin implant has somehow shifted and needs to be replaced. Going to re-tighten under the neck as well. Having procedures done with locals. Will post pictures soon. Here are some current pics. The chin is off... READ MORE

Silikon for Chin and Lips - Delray Beach, FL

Was tired of spending money on fillers that didn't last. Decided to try silikon. Had 4 treatments to chin area over two years. Also tried 1 syringe in lips. My lower face has fallen to the point that I'm going for a chin implant, lower lift and neck lift. Would like to know if anyone has had... READ MORE

53 Years Old, Sagging Jowls, Chin Implant and fat transfer, Neck Lift

Beginning my journey. So very exciting. Looking forward to a nice tight neck and lower face. My chin has always been a troublesome area. As I've aged unfortunately my chin, neck and jowls have started sagging. I'm very optimistic that afterwards my face will be so much more uniform. I feel that... READ MORE

VI Peel, Great Outcome - Florida

Bought the VI Peel thru living social. Was nervous about getting a peel as my skin is very fragil and usually reacts badly to any harsh treatments. Day 1, very little burning when applied. slightly pink but fine, went about my day as normal. Kept peel on till bedtime appx 12 hrs... READ MORE

Questions from anon7226

Had Silikon in chin and lips - Will I be able to have Fat Transfer on top?

Having a lower facelift, chin implant and fat transfer. Have several injections of Silikon in the past to try to fill chin area. Also one injection to my lips. Honestly don't... READ MORE

How should I care for behind ear incisions after face and neck lift? They feel itchy and irritated.

Just a little over two weeks post opt, very itchy and irritated feeling? Using perioxide and antibiotic ointment 2 times a day. READ MORE

Wearing a support band after chin implant, necklift and facelift. Is it helpful or not? I want to keep my neckline tight.

Seems to be conflicting information on whether supports are helpfull. My doc said not needed unless your a heavy person. I want to keep my neckline as tight ax possible. I'm 3... READ MORE

5 weeks post op neck, face, chin implant. What are the best options to smooth the muscles and bunching in the chin area? (photo)

Still have chin bunching/wrinkles and some swelling (I hope) under the chin. What are the best options to smooth the muscles and bunching in the chin area? How long Is swelling... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for laxity after lower face lift? (Photo)

What is the best treatment for loose and slightly sagging areas around the mouth and chin? I'm 3 months post and now that swelling is gone down can see some lax in these areas.... READ MORE

Fat grafting after having a chin implant removed? (photos)

I've had a facelift, neck lift and chin implant. Unfortunately my implant has been removed three times. The first two were because the implant shifted. Got an infection 3... READ MORE

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Thank you. Jeez we definitely weren't the lucky ones as far as implants go! I'm truly sorry to have lost mine. I loved the way it looked. The fat transfer is good, but never anywhere as good as the implant was. Still have to touch up... READ COMMENT

Looking beautiful and refreshed. Congratulations. READ COMMENT

You look wonderful. Congratulations. I'm just over the two year mark and my face is still changing. I agree with you 100%. Having this surgery is one of the best decisions and I'm so much more confident. READ COMMENT

Congratulations, you look amazing and I'm so happy for you. READ COMMENT

Hi Grace, I think you are right on with the swelling and settling. You get used to the tightness and fullness those 1st few months and it's disappointing when it goes away. Face lifts are definetly not the end all. But is so worth... READ COMMENT