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Laser Hair Removal Around Nipple and Breast Cysts

Hello. Can one of the doctors on this board advise if it is safe to have laser hair removal around the nipple area? I have breast cysts and fibroadenomas and concerned that the... READ MORE

Is Gentlelase Safe on Nipples if You Have Cysts and Fibroadenomas?

I've had Gentlelase treatment for the last year on my lip and I can say that it has really worked. I have an embarrassing problem of a few dark hairs around my nipples. I... READ MORE

Uneven Nostrils and Bulbous Tip After Cast Removal

I had revision rhinoplasty & septoplasty 8 days ago to deproject my nose, straighten the septum and to make my nostrils smaller. I had the cast removed yesterday & I am... READ MORE

NSAID Prescribed Post-Revision Rhinoplasty

Hello. I had revisional surgery 8 days ago & my PS prescribed a non steroid anti inflamatory drug that I have been taking since my surgery & will do so for another 3... READ MORE

Skin on Nose is Very Oily After Revision Rhinoplasty

My cast was removed yesterday and I have noticed that the skin on my nose is now very oily and I have alot of blackheads. Am I able to apply either an AHA or BHA on this area... READ MORE

Pain Inside Nose After Removal of Internal Sutures

My PS removed all sutures yesterday and since then the inside of my nose feels tender and abit sore. Is this normal? Thank you. READ MORE

Both Sides of Nasal Bridge Are Achy

Is it normal for the nose to ache if the nasal bones have been broken (my surgery was 2 weeks ago)? The pain is not excruciating at all BUT I am aware of the tenderness -... READ MORE

Uneven Swelling - 2 Weeks After Septoplasty/Rhinoplasty

Hello. I had an open septo-rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. I have only just started noticing abit of uneven swelling on one side of my nose and this has me somewhat worried. Part of... READ MORE

Nose Damaged After Accidentally Tripping

Last night I accidently tripped and hit my head and nose on the cupboard.The pain wasn't excruciating & all I could feel was a weird sensation in my two upper front... READ MORE

How is a Hematoma or Nasal Abscess Diagnosed?

Hello can you please advise how a hematoma or nasal abscess is diagnosed following trauma to the nose? READ MORE

Septal Swelling - Diagnosis and Treatment

What test/s do Doctors perform to diagnose potential issues relating to a swelling septum? READ MORE

4 Weeks Post-Op Revision Septorhinoplasty: When Will I See Final Results?

I am now into my 4th week following a revisional septorhinoplasty. Overall I am pleased with the results despite the fact that I have some uneven swelling & a couple of... READ MORE

Nose Massaging After Rhinoplasty: Why Do Some Surgeons Recommend Whilst Others Don't?

Can anyone explain why some surgeons are very much for massaging or applying compression to the nose post rhinoplasty surgery whilst others aren't? Thank you. READ MORE

What Tests Diagnose Potential Issues Relating to a Swelling Septum?

This is an interesting question asked by another member yet has never been answered. I understand that you are all very busy and would appreciate a response as I also have this... READ MORE

Small Pimples on Nose 4 Weeks Post Revision Rhinoplasty

Hello. I had a revision four weeks ago and I have only noticed in the last week or so that my nose is getting very congested and I have alot of small pimples on the bridge and... READ MORE

3 1/2 Months After Septorhinoplasty can I Tan My Face?

Hello. I had revision septoplasty-rhinoplasty surgery 3 1/2 months ago and I am going on an overseas holiday next week. The weather will be very hot and I plan to spend most of... READ MORE

Possible Injury to Nasal Tip?

Hello, I had a revision septo-rhinoplasty 6 and a half weeks ago and yesterday I had a facial and the therapist accidently squeezed both sides of my nasal tip. I felt a bit of... READ MORE

Some Days I Like my Nose and Other Days It Looks Awful!

I had a revision septoplasty and rhinoplasty 8 weeks ago and there are some days where my nose looks ok and other days it looks not so great. It's these 'not so great... READ MORE

Dent on Bridge of Nose After Open Revision Septo-Rhinoplasty

I had an open revision septo-rhinoplasty 8 weeks ago. Over all I am happy with my nose but I have noticed a dent on the top left side of my bridge that has been there since... READ MORE

How Soon After an Open Revision Rhinoplasty Can I Have Botox Around my Eyes and Forehead?

I'm am now 10 weeks post op & I am wondering if it is now ok to have botox around my eyes and forehead or is it still too soon and can it affect the healing process? READ MORE

11 Weeks Post Revision Rhinoplasty. Do I Still Need to Sleep on my Back?

I naturally sleep on my side and since my revision rhinoplasty I have been sleeping on 3 pillows. Am I able to go back to sleeping on my side or will this affect the shape of... READ MORE

When to Start Exercising After Open Revision Septo-rhinoplasty?

Hello, I had a open revision septo-rhinoplasty 11 weeks ago. Can I start exercising again ie use the bike and treadmill? Thank you. READ MORE

Dent on Bridge of Nose after Revision Septo Rhinoplasty

I had a open revision septo-rhinoplasty 13 weeks ago & so far I love the overall look of my nose.I can see that there is a slightly visible dent on the top left side of my... READ MORE

5 Months Post Open Septo Revision Rhinoplasty when Will I See Final Results

Hi,I'm 5 months post open revision rhinoplasty. Overall I am happy with my nose but can see some slight faults. They aren't too worrying provided that they don't... READ MORE

5 Months Post Op Open Revision Rhinoplasty and I Have Caught a Terrible Head Cold!

Dear Doctors, I have caught a terrible headcold and my nose does not stop running. I am constantly having to blow my nose (although I am careful when I do so) and now it's... READ MORE

Dent on Nose and Final Results of Revision Rhinoplasty?

Dear Doctors, I had a revision rhinoplasty just under 2 years ago. There is a dent on the left side of my nose near the bridge. It is not very noticeable to others but I can... READ MORE

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Hi Robyn, can you please share with us what facial exercises you have been doing and how soon after your surgery did you start these? Thank you :-) READ COMMENT

Thank you very much Britt. I hope one of the doctors sees my message and replies. Will definetely keep you updated. READ COMMENT

I've had Gentlelase treatment for the last year on my lip and I can say that it has really worked. I have an embarrasing problem of a few dark hairs around my nipples. I would love to have the same treatment on this area but as I also... READ COMMENT