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Worth Every Penny - New York, NY

Had a lower face lift and a neck lift by a very well known plastic surgeon. After only three weeks I could go out and no one noticed that I was still somewhat swollen. Now that the swelling has gone down much more,I look terrific. At least ten years younger. I am 70 years old and can easily pass for 57 or 58 years. I'm told that this is a popular procedure for men as well as... READ MORE

You Get What You Pay For!!

There are a lot of poor plastic surgeons out there so it's not surprising that some people were dissatisfied. A woman I know wanted to save money although she's pretty affluent. She went to a doctor who charged only $3500 and he made a mess of her eyes. I do not believe in economizing on one's face. Wearing cheaper underwear is a better strategy. I went to a highly regarded surgeon and I got... READ MORE

Very Happy with the Results Under Both Eyes - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I had a treatment under both eyes. Last year I had a similar treatment in NYC with the Erbium laser. The results were good then but the Erbium laser left slightly pink marks under my eyes, as the doctor warned me, for three months. The Mixto laser did hurt some...it is not painless as some people claim...but I recovered in a week and there are no wrinkles under my eyes nor any red marks... READ MORE

Juverderm Very Good

Had previously used Perlane to lessen naso labial folds. The Perlane worked but it was expensive because it took several vials to get the results I wanted. I got the same good results with Juvederm and much less was used. I'm sold on it. My doctor says he doesn't use Perlane any longer because his patients are so happy with the results of Juvederm. One overall comment. Some people have had... READ MORE

Sculptra Expensive But Well Worth It! - Palm Beach, FL

Had three sessions a month apart of two vials each time. Cost $2400 each time. The Sculptra itself costs about $750 for two vials so it is very profitable for the doctor. I am a male aged 65. It is VERY IMPORTANT to go to a board certified dermatlogist or plastic surgeon who will himself or herself do the injections. In addition the doctor should have several years experience with... READ MORE

Questions from Randall651

Why is Sculptra So Expensive?

Sculptra is advertised from medical supply companies at about US$700 for two vials. A dermatologist charges $2000-$2500 to inject two vials which takes him maybe 30-45 minutes... READ MORE

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I went to see two separate dentists (NOT Clear Choice) and their associated periodontists. One here and one in NYC. My teeth are ruined so I need heavy periodontal work and then implants. Both dentists said I could replace all my teeth... READ COMMENT

How much should a complete mouth restoration cost? My teeth are ruined and I would prefer full implants that cannot be removed. I got quotes from two dentists and two periodontists, both locally and in New York. I did not tell one what... READ COMMENT

Of course the care. They care about qualifications, training, and even where the doctor's office is located. A well known Plastic Surgeon in New York City, who is always listed in Castle Connolly, told me that every facelift in NYC is... READ COMMENT