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Can Jaw Implants Be Removed?

Can jaw implants be removed (say, like a chin implant could) if after surgery one was dissatisfied with the results? I thought any implant was removeable but according to a... READ MORE

Chin Implant: Under the Chin or Through the Mouth?

I've wanted to get a chin implant for quite some time. I want to know, is it definately "safer" to have the chin implant inserted under the chin than through the... READ MORE

What Aftercare Will I be Provided With After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

There is a particular date I have in mind for this surgery. Unfortunately, due to where I am having it (out of town) and the day, etc. I am having problems with finding someone... READ MORE

Supratip Break?

Is it possible to have a straight profile with a slight supratip break? Or is "supratip break" another way of asking for slope? I thought about doing just a straight... READ MORE

Is This Much Swelling Normal when Cartilidge is Added?

I had a rhino performed exactly 4 weeks tomorrow. Prior to my surgery, I had a small "dent" on one side of the the tip. My surgeon added what he said was, a... READ MORE

1 Month Post Osteotomy: Is This Swelling Normal?

Is there usually more swelling when bones are rasped then broken to narrow an area? I had an upper hump removed then the bones were broken to narrow that area (upper portion of... READ MORE

Is ONLY Lowering the Upper Bridge a Relativley Simple Revision Aspect or Should I Seek a Revision Specialist?

My overall nose doesn't have hump (like before) just this pronounced bump/hump right where the nose was broken. The very top of my bridge (where it leaves my face) still sits... READ MORE

American Board of Otolaryngology for Revision Rhino?

I am currently looking for a revision specialist. Someone that is apparently a highly regarded rhinoplasty specialist (and revision) is board certified: American Board of... READ MORE

Chin Implant? Chin Bone or Jaw Bone Advancement?

I was under the impression that the only options to correct a weak chin were chin implants or jaw bone surgery, however, after doing research there appears to also be chin bone... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a chin implant/neck lipo/or sliding genioplasty? (photos)

I have seen two doctors. One said I needed surgery (Genioplasty) to correct my chin and the other said it looked like a pocket of fat that needed to be removed. I am so... READ MORE

Genioplasty vs. chin implant vs. neck lipo?

How does a doctor determine if you need a genioplasty or chin implant or neck lipo? if one needs genioplasty but doesn't want to go thru with such a lengthy procedure, will a... READ MORE

Is sliding genioplasty and orthognathic surgery the same thing?

Is sliding genioplasty and orthognathic surgery the same thing? I was using the terms interchangeably but after doing more and more research...they are different or am I confused? READ MORE

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Ah, I see-so there's no separate cost on the bill for the hospital stay at all? READ COMMENT

Did you have to stay the night in the hospital the day of your surgery, too? I know price should not be a huge matter, however, I do not want to pay for a hospital night's stay for plastic surgery. I've already had a rhino and went home... READ COMMENT

Your nose looks great. Congratulations! READ COMMENT

It would be great if you could provide your surgeons name for those of us who are researching getting rhinoplasty in the nashville area. thanks! READ COMMENT