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Restylane, Try It if You're Curious

I got a Restylane injection in my lips after trying Juvaderm.  Can you say ouch!  Luckily I decided to get a block after experiencing the pain with Juvaderm lip injections and I was very happy because the pain was blocked well.  I do not recommend getting Restylane without some form of local injection anesthetic first!  Restylane was not as smooth as the Juvaderm so that... READ MORE

Juvaderm, Not Worth the Price

I received Juvaderm lip injections.  It was painful, but I was able to bear it without a 'local block'.  My eyes teared up quite a bit.  The end result was quite lovely, with naturally plump looking lips.   The problem is that I am a "fast reabsorber" as I am told by my dermatologist.  The results looked natural, but only lasted for about 2 weeks. ... READ MORE

Lasik Rocks!

Got both eyes done in 2001 and still have great vision to this day.  I don't miss my glasses one bit!  I was the perfect candidate for the surgery and told myself if I wasn't 100% then I wouldn't get the surgery.  My pupils are average size, my corneas are an adequate thickness, have never had abnormally dry eyes or ANY chronic health condition like diabetes or high blood... READ MORE

Botox Ironed out my Wrinkley Forehead!

I have received Botox injections on 3 episodes--they have worked well each time for my forehead area. The results last about 3-4 months and gradually wear off. I no longer get a "squinter's" headache when I'm in the sun without sunglasses! If I had bangs, I probably wouldn't bother getting this done, but my forehead shows. I got Botox around my eyes and wouldn't recommend this as... READ MORE