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My sister is very happy with her results! I have her pictures I think you are going to love it! READ COMMENT

Hi Gaby!Nice to meet you! I am happy to know that you are going to Bolivia because I know that you will be in very good hands, I know there are many other countries to go to have cosmetic surgery but in my experience Bolivia is an... READ COMMENT

The name is Makeover Travel and they are in Santa Cruz. I had a very good experience with them! So I am not afraid to tell you to go with them because I am very happy with my results. I know that is difficult to go alone but once you... READ COMMENT

My advice is to go with a positive attitude, its important to understand that is a different country than ours and everything is different, but this is also a reason why we are travelling abroad, to know other people, other culture and... READ COMMENT

By the way my surgery wasnt butt augmentation but I met like 3 girls who had their butt done and was amazing! I had my nose done and some other procedures like you see in my picture. READ COMMENT