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Questions from flyguyaj

How Much Does Fat Transfer Cost?

Hi i live in the washington dc area I want to get chin and jaw augmentation to have a more masculine appearance and would like to do so non surgically, i know there are fillers... READ MORE

Should I Get a Rhinoplasty or is my Skin too Thick? Will It Affect my Breathing?

I am a 26 year old male I am Indian (from India) and I understand I have thick skin around my tip. How much will this affect my result on the tip of my nose, Will I be able to... READ MORE

I Have Severe Sleep Apnea and Would Like to Have Rhinoplasty What Mask Should I Use After Surgery? (photo)

I sleep w a full face mask I am a mouth breather it puts a lot of pressure on the nasal bridge leaving a red mark. nowhere else. Sleeping w/o the mask raises BP. I will need a... READ MORE

If the Point of Plastic Surgery is to Look Better, Should People Go to Doctors of the Opposite Sex?

I am a male and would like to get certain facial surgery procedures done. Including rhinoplasty, chin implant and a more masculine jawline. Where I am having a problem is... READ MORE

My Surgeon Doesn't Do Computer Imaging Should I Be Concerned?

I called to get a consultation for a chin implant and the lady said the doctor doesn't do computer imaging? She said instead they draw a picture? Is the surgeon just not... READ MORE

I Am 3 Weeks (23) Days Post Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction. What % of the Swelling Has Gone Away? (photo)

Hi Experts pics below I had an open Rhinoplasty Septoplasty and turbinate reduction that took 3 hours. I have heard that 80 percent is gone in a month and I realize the... READ MORE

11 Months Post Rhinoplasty Surgery, How Much More Swelling Will Dissolve on the Lower Tip Region? (photo)

Hello Experts, I had an open Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, and turbinate reduction on May 29, 2012. I am 11 months post surgery my one year follow up is May 15 2013. I was... READ MORE

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Who is the Best Doctor to Go to for a Chin Implant ?

Would you recommend going to board certified surgeon who specializes only in the face and focuses only on facial implants? or someone who does all procedures breast implants,... READ MORE