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Consultation review - would've done a closed revision rhinoplasty. I want other patients to know there's an NYC surgeon who can

I sustained facial trauma after rhino, had a lot of complex material in my nose after a serious functional/aesthetic rhinoplasty the year prior (all of which had shifted...all too late I realize I confused scar tissue with my own nasal structures when the nose got wide and unattractive again) and he offered to shift it back into place and remove whatever scar tissue he could through closed... READ MORE

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M lateral cartilage ripped off bone after trauma. How do I fix it in Rhinoplasty? Are spreader grafts the only solution? (photo)

My bones were never broken but I was hit hard in the side of the nose & the nasal cartilage near my pyriform aperture (upper cartilage?) tore off. Left side of the nose is much... READ MORE

Followup: will I need osteotomies to counteract the widening effect of a spreader graft?

I was in a car accident & tore my upper lateral cartilage right where it meets the middle nose. The nose is wide & I no longer have a left alar crease. I have short nasal bones... READ MORE

Can an onlay graft & a spreader graft fulfill the same role placed on placement in rhinoplasty?

I've undergone nasal valve collapse due to cartilage tearing off my bone on the lower half of my bridge & the removal of an ear cartilage onlay graft + lateral strut grafts... READ MORE

Could trauma have deviated my septum and made the nose lower?

2 years ago I was assaulted. I had gone through rhinoplasty with an implant holding up my nose. The implant was pulled down. Over time the left side sagged from top to bottom.... READ MORE

Followup: what can narrow a nose after trauma in rhinoplasty after it becomes wide and crooked? (Photo)

I was hit very hard in the face (trauma). Noticeable dent where my upper lateral cartilage connects to the lower lateral on left side. I suspect I tore something.Bones never... READ MORE

In rhinoplasty, can nasal cartilages be replaced without grafting? (Photo)

Due to trauma my upper lateral cartilages tore off the bone. I think they're still there, but right on top of my tip. My bring nose is crooked & saggy, but the nose is flat... READ MORE

Followup: I want to augment my dorsum to narrow my tip and also treat nasal valve collapse. Can I do both? (Photo)

I was in a trauma last year & suspect I ripped cartilage from bone. My nose got wider,crooked/droopy. In rhinoplasty 4 months ago & all my surgeon did was lower my dorsum & tip... READ MORE

What are some suture methods to straighten a crooked or deviated nose in Rhinoplasty?

I was in a trauma and tore cartilage from bone last year. Nose is in a "c" or "s" shape. Bones never broken. Valve collapse. My nasal bones are straight, but my cartilages are... READ MORE

Followup: Hopeful revision rhinoplasty patient. I tore cartilage & have valve collapse. Would osteotomies be dangerous?

I have what feels like a deviated septum & also v deformity due to injury & bad surgery lowering nasal tip a lot. My bones have never been broken but my left sidewall fell off.... READ MORE

After rhinoplasty, I have a deep, painful nasolabial fold & creasing. What can I do? (Photo)

A lot went wrong. Part of my side cartilage was torn out by a sloppy surgeon. I am incredibly self conscious about this depression. It is also painful. I suspect muscle was... READ MORE

What is the difference between external valve and internal valve collapse and how do I fix them? (photo)

A surgeon tore out my upper lateral cartilage on the left side, right in the middle. It's left a big dent. I feel like my nose is too weak too resist changes in temperature or... READ MORE

In rhinoplasty and septoplasty, how does airflow relate to discomfort?

I have very wide nasal passages but my nasal pathways have undergone a lot of trauma. First, I had a bad surgery resecting too upper lateral cartilage from the left side. I... READ MORE

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Any New York patients had their noses repaired successfully, without regretting it?

I'm crooked, I tore upper lateral cartilage from my nose, and I'm pretty scared.I also let a surgeon taken an implant in my that was literally holding up the sidewalls. Made... READ MORE

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@lifechanging: I am going to message you privately. READ COMMENT

Inboxing you. So sorry for your suffering, but need to talk to you. READ COMMENT

@jmet: I used sensitive skin paper tape READ COMMENT

You can. I used to take my nose (carefully overnight--just across the bridge and under the columella. READ COMMENT