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Hi Scrappy, I was just as shocked! My plastic surgeon assured me they could not leak, before I had the BA and also after when I went to see him after my accident. If the rupture occurred due to my fall, then it has been ruptured for... READ COMMENT

I came to this post too late to read the comments that have been removed by the moderator but I have to admit I agree with the few of your posts that I have read today. You are just being honest. They are not esthetically pleasing... READ COMMENT

Hi Momma...Your hesitancy is understandable..I went through the same thing. I decided to go through with it and REGRET it!! If you're worried about spending $10,000 then I would advise against it. BA is not a one time procedure. you... READ COMMENT

There are a lot of potential risks with silicone implants, too many to list here. Seeing as you have 3 children who need you to be healthy for them, I would recommend considering saline instead. In either case, you will need additional... READ COMMENT