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Worth It if You Can Handle CRAZY Pain!

I have been having my whole bikini done(EVERYTHING!) for over 2 years now. I was told by many doctors that you only need 6 treatments. What a bunch of bull! I have had 12+ treatments and I am still going. I have 7 friends who are also into their 2nd and 3rd year and still get some hair growth. I don't know why they have to lie to everyone. I am not a very hairy person at all. Pain is another... READ MORE


I had smartlipo on Tuesday, it is now Saturday. I had my whole knee area done. The inner part and about 3 inches above the knee. For some reason, my body stores fat in that area only. Not to brag on myself, but I was blessed with great genetics and have what most people consider "The perfect body." I have been a swimsuit model for many years and was also in Playboy. I have an... READ MORE

Recent comments from perfection have way too much time on your hands. Many drugs have side effects. I take Ambien, and so do a few other people I know. None of us have all the side effects you listed. Drugs effect people in different ways. While... READ COMMENT

Yochell, one more thing! Are you taking Arnica? It is a supplement for swelling and bruising. It has really helped with my recovery. You can't take too I eat it like candy. I swear by this stuff. It's worth a try! I couldn't... READ COMMENT

Yochell, I just read your last post. Well, hang in there. All you can do is try to think positive and be patient. I know how hard that is, I went through that too. I am on day 12, and becoming VERY annoyed! I am so uncomfortable when I... READ COMMENT

I am so sorry you are going through this. It sounds like you may be holding water in those places...but so much time has passed, so that is very strange. I am now at day 11, and I am finally seeing a difference in the swelling. My legs... READ COMMENT

I miss spelled a bunch of words and accidently posted my comment twice! OOPS...I took a pain pill, and it makes me a little loopy. For some reason, today I am having more pain than usual...? READ COMMENT