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Botox Caused Droopy "Captain Spock" Eyes - Help!

It has been a 5 days since botox and I look like Captin Spock. I have very expressive eyes and over the last couple days when I talk my outer brow will raise up while my inner... READ MORE

Latisse stopped working.

For a 1.5 years it worked wonderfully and I had amazing lashes then suddenly my lashes started to thin dramatically. I went back to see the Dr who prescribed Latisse and I was... READ MORE

Fasciablaster to cure cellulite... Why does bruising stop when cellulite is still present.

I use a device called the fasciaBlaster to remove cellulite. In the beginning I bruised like an SOB. 5 mo. later I don't bruise at all. Why is that? The owner says as we break... READ MORE

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I wouldn't waist your time on the Fasciablaster... I have been doing it for 6 months and my legs are worse then before I started and this is a very time consuming. With all the heating, and oiling and blasting it can easily rob you of... READ COMMENT