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Glabella/Radix and Philtrum Augmentation

How can this procedure of Glabella/radix and philtrum augmentation be done? Better with done with grafts or fillers? READ MORE

Full Face Erbium Laser After Rhinoplasty?

Is it safe do so 7weeks after rhinoplasty ? Can the erbium laser be done at the columella ? READ MORE

Do Doctors and Nurses Gossip About Their Patients?

Let's face it.All humans are flawed. Wanted to know if it is actually common practice for doctors/nurses to gossip/discuss about their patients. When patients comes in... READ MORE

Can't Find Doctors Who Had Experience in Glabella and Philtrum Augmentation

Thank you for replying to my other question. I have consulted several doctors, but all had little or no prior experience in these two procedures, much less have pictures to... READ MORE

Where Does Donor Rib Cartilage Come From?

Does donor rib cartilage come from a living donor or the deceased ? READ MORE

Difficulty Smiling After Columella and Philtrum Augmentation

My friend told me that she had difficulty doing a full smile after a rhinoplasty with augmentation of her philtrum and lowering of columella. She is 3 months post-op and when... READ MORE

Possible Ways to Flatten Upper Lip / Philtrum?

Are there any non-invasive ways to flatten the philtrum area? Like botox or permanent sutures to flatten the muscles/tissues of a puffy-looking philtrum ? READ MORE

Scar Revision or Laser for Alarplasty and Columella Scars?

Which is more effective ? Are there different methods of scar revision ? READ MORE