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Can Juvederm Be Used to Fill in Radiesse Lumps Under Eyes?

Hi! 17 days ago I had another injection of Radiesse under my left orbital rim and upper cheekbone - a small amount - to fill in a slight unevenness from my previous 3-vial... READ MORE

What's the Best Option for Stubborn Cellulite Other Than Endermologie?

I've had 18 out of 24 endermologie treatments with unsatisfactory results. What is the best treatment for deep embedded cellulite? My shape contoured beautifully after 8... READ MORE

Accent XL for Stubborn Cellulite? Factors Increasing Success?

I'm 58, thin and exercise regularly. I've had 22 endermologie treatments w/ little results for cellulite reduction (my shape improved but not my cellulite). Does Accent... READ MORE

I Have New Bumps/Ridges Above Juvederm Injection Site on Forehead, What Went Wrong?

10 days ago I went to my plactic surgeon for a minor facial "tweak" procedure and another round of Juvederm in nasal labial folds. I also had him inject the... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase Can't Get Rid of the Vertical Ridges Created by Juvederm Injected Above my Eyebrow Line?

Oct., 2011 I had my Plastic Surgeon inject Juvederm in the sunken area between my eyebrows; he also injected Juvederm across the entire bridge above my eyebrows. When I looked... READ MORE

Why Won't the 2 Year Old Juvederm in Nasolabial Folds. Not Dissolve Even After 4 Hylauronidase

I'm deeply concerned that more hyluronidase injections will take more of my own collagen. Six months ago I went to my dermatologist who suggested we try Sculptra. I've had 3... READ MORE