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Large Lump After Mohs - SmartXDot Not Helping So Far

Previous post 'lump on forehead'offered solutions but answers can't (give me)Dr. Four appts. w/ Board Certified Plastic Surgeons took consult $$, said don't do scar reconstruction! I was clear about lump/scar on phone. Found 1 that said would cut full across. NOT! A new surgeon took appt, cancelled day before. Referred me to Non-Board certified. Went for his opinion.... READ MORE

Questions from L.S.

What Should I Do if I Have a Large Lump After Mohs Surgery?

I had Mohs done on small basal @ center forhead. I was left w/ a concave wide white scar, deep brow furrows, and a 10mm lump where final sutures were done 2yrs ago. One steroid... READ MORE

Why Aren't Lasers Suggested for Lump/scar After Mohs Surgery?

My closure-LUMP is now a bump? I have ugly closure. Tried SmartXide & has shrunk/flattened by 1/2 along w/ scar. Will do more treatments in 8 mo. Still not sure why derms... READ MORE

What Does Building/stimulating Collagen Really Mean for my Face?

LED's/ALA/Lasers/Creams/Retin A/etc. Do these grow/plump/ lift/tighten? Skin changes by sun/age/damage/usage. Heard a skin PHD say that only a facelift will lift. Besides... READ MORE

Rejuvawand and Other Home Devices for Skin Tightening

My friend used Rejuvawand daily. It firmed forehead/cheek/ jowel area slightly over 60 days. It did leave a dent in cheek? Does red/infrared light home units help to tighten... READ MORE

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Often you get what you pay for. Most States have a medical board w/ links to licensed techs that use laser/resurfacing instruments. Call school for name of the 'teaching-techs' then research for complaints on file. Go look @ students... READ COMMENT

I to have post-op grief & seen Dr's over time to correct flaws. We both know 'just accept it' when you look in mirror may take yrs. My prob. is still unresolved. If it's dented in maybe see Derm. for filler? Level, white/well healed? A... READ COMMENT

Definitely a DOWN! This procedure uses light to cut hole columns in hopes to fill in w/ new skin & tighten/smooth/correct problems. A little may smooth & too deep cuts in permanent holes & then they fill w/ oil. End result a... READ COMMENT

I had 4 treatments total $2k. 1 yr. later, have holes that fill w/ oil & still face/slt-wrinkles look same & worse in other places. This uses light to cut hole columns then goal is to hope space fills w/ skin to tighten. My skin had 'no... READ COMMENT

Hope you had better luck than me. 1 yr later, my smooth skin has pitted spots that fill w/ oil & I'm considering microdermabrsion. DOT can do mild resurface. Dot is a beam of multiple lights that 'cut in' to skin w/ columns. They... READ COMMENT