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Skin Glows and Feels Smoother, But... Japan

I've had acne since I hit puberty, when I was 12 or 13. Now I'm 19 and the acne has calmed down but it has left red and dark marks on pretty much my entire face, specially on the cheeks and chin. So I looked up online anything that could get rid of the acne marks: creams, vitamins, laser peel, chemical peel, home peel, etc. I finally decided for either the Green Peel or the... READ MORE

Questions from ckstarlet

Can Plastic Surgery Fix Asymmetric Eyes?

My left eye is noticeably lower than my right one, which at first I thought it was because of the assymetric eyelids. After spendind some time on the photoshop, I noticed that... READ MORE

Chin Implant and Nose Job to Change my Profile. Is This Realistic?

I've always hated my profile. My retracted chin always bothered me and then my nose started bothering me as well. So I've done this on photoshop, and wanted to know if... READ MORE

Is my Expectation About What Rhinoplasty Can Do for Me Realistic? Is It Too Extreme? (photo)

I did a little something on photoshop to better show what I want to change in my nose. I want to refine my nose tip, make it look more feminine and less round. Also, notice how... READ MORE

Can Surgery Lower my Eyebrows Like This? Is It Realistic? (Pics)

My eyebrows are high and I really don't like it. I've been looking through beautiful female faces and all of them have their eyebrows very close to the eylid. I'm half asian... READ MORE

Can I Reduce Nose Wings Lenght Only with Cartilage Removal? (photo)

My nose tip is very round and my nostrils are visibly assymetric. I was wondering if it's possible to make it look like the after pic I did on photoshop without having to cut... READ MORE

Other Than Lack of Fat, Can Weak/low Cheekbones Cause Tear Trough in a 20 Years Old?

I have deep tear trough and dark circles since I was born. I read that lack of fat under the eyes can cause it, but I also read that low and weak cheekbones can also create a... READ MORE

Swelling and Lumpiness Under the Eye After Taking an Anti-inflammatory Drug? (photo)

I had a filler injection under the eyes 6 months ago and yesterday I took an anti-inflammatory drug for my throat, and woke up today with swelling and lumpiness in the region... READ MORE

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I hope you find a solution and be at peace with how you look. No mattet what, you're still very beautiful! I know how distressing this can be, but everything will work out in the end, Im sure. READ COMMENT