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Bio- Alcamid Ruined my Youth

This product is dangerous and misleadingly marketed. I had it injected into my lips and cheeks when about 7 years ago. The women made a hash of it and her only concern seemed to be injecting as much product as possible. A few years down the line I developed a massive infection in my lips following a burst absess. I had to be hospitalised for three days and put on an IV drip but as is... READ MORE

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I completely agree, this has cost me thousands of pounds and unmeasurable emotional upset x READ COMMENT

Hang in there Blondie, what a nightmare!!!! Has all of the product been removed? It sounds just like what happened to me and at the same age. It sounds as though all the product in your lips is harbouring infection and should all be... READ COMMENT

My lips were ruined because of this stuff, they had to be cut open and completely inverted so the doctor could pick it out with tweezers. I'm with you Suchin, I do not know how the company gets away with it. Interestingly they have just... READ COMMENT

I'm so sorry to hear about your ordeal suchin. I posted my disastrous experience of BA last year which resulted in a 2-3 hr op to have it cut out from my lips. I have just had my forth re constructive fat grafting op to repair the... READ COMMENT

I agree, I've been left thousands of pounds out of pocket because of this product. My doctor also denied putting it in my lips and actually said his only injected the outside and it migrated with I could not believe! I don't know what... READ COMMENT