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BBL 6 Days Ago And Fell On Right Butt Cheek; Did I Kill the Fat Cells?

I had a bbl 6 days ago and last night I fell and landed on my right butt cheek, did I kill the fat cells? READ MORE

12 days Post BBL. Looks Like a Little Bubble on Bottom of Left Butt Cheek, What is it?

I had a bbl 12 days ago and it looks like a little bubble on the bottom of my left butt cheek what is it and will it go away? READ MORE

My teeth do not line up correctly and my jaw & chin are crooked. Can this be fixed? (photos)

I always have head aches my left jaw has pain my teeth don't line up correctly my jaw and chin are crooked is there a procedure I can get done to fix these problems? I have 10... READ MORE

My teeth line up and my jaw/chin is crooked. What kind of procedures can give me a straight smile? (Photo)

My upper and lower teeth do not line up and meet properly. Also my jaw and chin are slanted you can really tell when I smile I look ridiculous. My jaws often hurt and I always... READ MORE

Can I get these 2 scars removed after Butt Augmentation? (photo)

I had butt augmentation and now I have a scar on each butt cheek? Are these type of scars remove able? Thank you!!! READ MORE

Will I lose my Brazilian butt Lift result after I have my baby?

I had a brizalin butt lift 2 1/2 years ago i am now pregnat will i lose my butt after i gave my baby? I'm very concerned considering how much i spent for my bbl READ MORE

What can I do for my dark sunk in eyes? (Photo)

Under my eyes are dark and sunk in what options do i have? READ MORE

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Woops wasn't sure if my first comment went threw :) READ COMMENT

If your still having pain you need to see someone or follow up with your doctor but it does really look good READ COMMENT

Yea you defiantly need to do something if your still having pain but I think it really looks great big difference READ COMMENT

Hi I'm sure you have answered this probable many times but:) when did you stop wearing the full garmet, and did you wear a squeem or something after that and for how long? Thank you!!! READ COMMENT