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One Selphyl Treatment Did Nothing - Montreal, QC

I had a Selphyl treatment done in the summer of 2011. I dished out a lot of money for this treatment in the hopes that I could maybe fix some of the damage that was done to my face after a horrendous and completely heartbreaking outcome following an IPL procedure. Getting Selphyl injected was painful. I had no numbing cream or anything like that -- not sure what the doc was thinking. It hurt a... READ MORE

IPL: Bad Idea. Really Bad - Pointe-Claire, QC

Who invented this "advanced technology"? If you want to look years older, have acne-prone skin and discover new wrinkles on your face everyday, then go right ahead and have this treatment. But your skin and opt out. Everyone is clammoring for this thing and it's a sham. It basically sucks the color, the life, and the vitality right out of your face. PS: there is... READ MORE

Questions from KikiLisa

Many People Are Claiming IPL Causes Damage to Skin. What's the Real Truth?

I stumbled accross a support website for those who claim their skin has been damaged by the IPL procedure. Some say it has aged their skin considerably, left tiny indentations,... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for Skin Damaged by a Cosmetic Device?

This goes out to the doctors out there who are WILLING to listen to those of us who have been damaged by laser/IPL devices. If you read through the thousands of posts on this... READ MORE

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BBL ruined my face! Thank you Mandy12 for pointing this out! Four years later and still heartbroken. READ COMMENT

Very well put lookingforsolutions. Stronger regulation would be preferable to the way things are administered presently. There certainly is not enough awareness as to what these machines are capable of and that's why we are here,... READ COMMENT

This story is all too familiar, almost a carbon copy of my own. Yes, these machines need to be banned. But will they ever be? Cigarettes are still being sold even though they are known to cause death. Money, money, money! I'm so sorry... READ COMMENT

In terms of surgeons I've considered: Dr. Glasgold, Dr. Berman and Dr. Marten. They are all in the states. I checked out a few here in the Montreal area but I, again, don't have the funds for this type of procedure so I ended up... READ COMMENT

Hello Cjjr. The procedure was performed by a nurse who was working out of the Dr's office. I never even met the doc who runs the clinic. I did though confront the nurse. Her name was Isabelle. She knew something had gone wrong based on... READ COMMENT