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Battling Acne for 15 Years Now...Kansas City, MO

I'm one of the unfortunate ladies that has battled acne for most of my life. I haven't seen 100% clear skin since age 10 (I'm 24). I had severe, Grade 3 acne by age 12 (the scale only goes to 4). At age 14 I got a free trial of Proactiv, fully expecting it to gather dust in my drawer with the dozens of other products that failed miserably to make even a dent in my acne (I had tried... READ MORE

Implants for Constricted Breasts / 375 HP Silicone, Dual-Plane

I've been thinking about breast surgery since I was 14; I'm 22 now. I am 5'7" and 135lb, curvy, I usually wear a size 8, although sometimes a 6 and sometimes a 10 depending on brand. I jog 1.75 miles 5 days a week (I lost 35 pounds from my 2013 New Years resolution). On a side-note, although I am a virgin by choice, I can guarantee you I will remain so until/unless I get my breasts fixed... READ MORE

Questions from Scarlet13

Combining Breast Aug/Tuberous Breast Correction Surgery with Rhinoplasty Most Time/Money Efficient?

The surgeon I am leaning towards to perform my breast surgery (silicone overs, mild tuberous breast correction) does not do rhinoplasty. Is it possible to have 1 surgeon do 1... READ MORE

What are the risks/responsibilities associated with silicone breast implants? (photo)

If silicone implants are cohesive, why would a small crack in the already-silicone shell be something of concern? Either way there is a silicone mass in your body, whether the... READ MORE

What happens to breasts after a lift if you get pregnant/nurse?

I have mild tuberous breast deformity and my breasts sit pretty low, although I have never been pregnant/nursed. I think I want to have children in the future. I am planning my... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a breast Lift w/o Implants for Mild Tuberous Breasts?

I realize this is vague, but please bear with me: I have mild tuberous breasts, maybe a 34A; I have cone-boobs. When my nipples constrict from cold, I like how my breasts look;... READ MORE

Breast lift BEFORE having children?

I have mild tuberous breasts, 34A. I don't want implants. I am looking into an areola-reduction/breast-lift. However, I plan to have children in the next ten years. I... READ MORE

Do implants appear smaller inside the body?

When I was trying on sizers, the doctor said that actual implants inside the body will look a bit smaller than the CC-corresponding sizers. In your opinion, is this true? How... READ MORE

Can I achieve a good, natural-looking result with subglandular implants?

I'm 5'7" and 135 pounds (BMI is 21.1). I am fit but not especially muscular (I have fat). My ribs are not easily visible on my chest (below collar bone/above-between breasts)... READ MORE

Sources cited for implant placement pros/cons?

Dual-plane/sub-muscular placement boasts easier-read mammograms and lesser risk for severe capsular contracture. Which study/studies have shown such? What are the numbers? READ MORE

Will dual-plane placement cause my implants to be squished into my armpits?

I have seen a couple times when a dual-plane implant gets sort of squished longways and outwards by the muscle. Why does this happen? Does the likelihood change according to... READ MORE

What is the risk of silicone implants giving me an embolism?!

I read about a girl dying after getting black-market silicone injections in her butt! If my silicone implants had a leak could the pieces travel to my heart or lungs and give... READ MORE

Is this my final result? 4 months post op. Could my left implant could soften/drop? Will I regain sensation in my right breast?

I had my B/A on April 4, 2014, so I'm about 4 months post op. My left implant is still a little bit higher and firmer than my right. My right nipple has lost much sensation... READ MORE

What is the success rate for Aspen treatment for capsular contracture?

What is the success rate of Aspen ultrasound treatments for treating Grade II capsular contracture? How is success measured? READ MORE

What is the statistical likelihood of capsular contracture reoccurring after a capsulectomy and implant replacement?

I understand all breast augmentation patients have about a 15% chance of developing capsular contracture. I also understand that if you've had capsular contracture, you have a... READ MORE

Can you apply oils at the same time as Retin-A?

I understand your skin is supposed to be 100% dry before applying Retin-A... I use an all natural oil blend around my eyes before bed for moisture (It contains no water). Will... READ MORE

Should I increase from Retin-A 0.025% to 0.05% for acne?

I began Retin-A treatment for acne three weeks ago. Week 1 I used it every other night with no visible progress but also no side effects. Week 2 + 3 I used it every night and... READ MORE

Exercising Pecs After Breast Augmentation?

What are some good exercises to begin strengthening the pectoral muscles after a breast augmentation? Are there any exercises a sub-pec breast-aug patient should never do? I've... READ MORE

Pink face from Retin A 0.05% - Will switching to Micro help?

There seems to be a trend among very fair-skinned patients for getting a long-term "red face" from Retin A usage (that is NOT due to irritation). My skin is not peely or... READ MORE

Upward migration of implants without capsular contracture?

I am 2 years post-op from a dual-plane silicone augmentation. A few months ago one of my implants (the side of my non-dominant hand) started moving up my chest. It's migrated... READ MORE

Can you apply benzoyl peroxide and Retin A together?

I've been using 0.1% Retin A cream for 2 months (but I started at 0.025% Retin A 5 months ago). In the morning I use BPO - In the evening I wash with Cetaphil and only use... READ MORE

Recent comments from Scarlet13

They are so swollen in this stage! Don't fret yet! The waiting is the hardest part, but do what you can to put any judgement on PAUSE and wait 6 months! They really do change a lot :) READ COMMENT

I was scared sh*tless going into my surgery!! I hear you there!! I've probably never been so scared to do anything in my life! I had never had surgery before either! I told my surgeon how nervous I was though, and he had the... READ COMMENT

I went back and forth about a MILLION times between "overs" and "unders." The reduced risk of CC was what did it for me, but I'm not hugely athletic. If I were doing more upper-body work-outs, the feeling of my pecs contracting on top... READ COMMENT

My implants are 375 CC and immediately post-op I was afraid they were too big as well. But truly, the swelling accounted for about 40% of the volume I saw and it took several weeks to completely go away. Hang in there! READ COMMENT

I've had mine for two years now. Mine are dual-plane, so I notice them if I do something that causes me to flex my pecs significantly. Honestly this is really annoying sometimes, but I think the benefits outweighed that IMO. I was... READ COMMENT